Saturday, October 29, 2016

Conspiracy Warehouse Election Sale: Free Delivery! No Limit Per Customer!

Wow! Whatever else might be said about the FBI's decision to reopen Hillary's email investigation, it has done nothing to restore the integrity, the reputation or the public's confidence in a once-respected institution.

Everyone is advancing their own off the cuff motives.

Hillarycrats once more spot that vast right wing conspiracy. Insert canned verbiage here.

More traditional Democrats see something similar. They could have had Biden if Comey had not closed the original investigation a few weeks before the DNC convention.

The Sanders people echo the complaints of the mainstream Dems: We could have made America Venezuela if Comey had advocated indictment in July.

My go to Wikileaks editor, H. A. Goodman, says this is Obama's payback for Hillary's perceived racism in the 2008. Don't know how the 3 AM phone call ad or an undoctored photo of Barry in African garb is racism but as we know, racism is the new McCarthyism. There's a racist hiding behind every Trump sign.

At the other end of the spectrum, John the Realtor warns that we should "watch the other hand." This is a diversionary tactic of some kind.

John is not the only one voicing this warning. Believers in a rigged system simply do not buy the idea that James Comey suddenly found his conscience 11 days before the election. Speculation ensues...FBI mutiny...Comey saw Trump's internal polls and thought he might be indicted for obstruction of justice after Trump took office...It's a diversion from Wikileaks...It's a ploy to ultimately cast Hillary as a martyr.

I would love to hear the input of Edward Klein or Monica Crowley who both like to explain things in Clinton vs. Obama terms. Maybe the president saw internal polls that showed Hillary in trouble and wanted to cut his losses. His action and inaction has once more generated universal suspicion.

Does anyone, anywhere believe this is how an investigation should proceed? As one who recognizes the habitual criminality of one Hillary Rodham Clinton, I am of the strong belief that late is preferable to never. But if Comey thinks he can restore his reputation, the FBI's reputation, the DOJ's reputation. as well as the reputation of the whole system--yes, the whole rigged system--I say he is woefully mistaken. Too little, too late.

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