Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Repost: Rasmussen Missed A Senate Race By 16 Points in 2014!

Hey there, anti-Plutocrats. Don't let the negative polling discourage you. Widespread voter fraud might discourage you but Podesta-influenced polling should not.

 I am reposting something from November 6, 2014. To be repetitively redundant and redundantly repetitive, I am reminding one and all that Rasmussen called the Kansas Senate race for the faux Independent over the Republican incumbent. They missed by 16 points.

 Kudos to Rasmussen for not scrubbing their horrible predictions that missed GOP gubernatorial victories in both Maryland and Massachusetts and other bad prognoses as well.

 Thursday, November 6, 2014 Rasmussen Reports Spins Their Bad Results

 Greg Orman/Pat Roberts will go down in the annals of bad polling. Rasmussen had Orman up five points. He lost by eleven.

 When you get past the spin, you will see some bad results by Rasmussen. I only learned a few weeks ago that Scott Rasmussen sold his interest in Rasmussen Reports in 2013.


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