Thursday, October 17, 2013

Why Do Conservatives Hate Libertarians Above All Else?

I believe Conservatives hate libertarians because they point out the inconsistencies in Conservative policy. Nothing wrong with the nanny state so long as we have Conservative nannies.

Want to make Limbaugh or Hannity or Beck angry? Call in and mention Ron Paul's name. They hate the man. They dislike libertarians more than they dislike Democrats.

Howie Carr had Ann Coulter on his show today and I listened to about half of the interview. I love Howie Carr and I dislike Ann Coulter. Mind you, I often agree with Coulter but then she loses me sometimes and her personality is always a challenge to endure.

Anyway, Howie and Coulter were complaining because Ken Cuccinelli might lose the Virginia governorship due to the presence of a Libertarian candidate. Cuccinelli is trailing by about nine points which happens to be the percentage of voters the Libertarian candidate is polling. Howie and Coulter are blaming the Libertarians for Cucinelli's likely defeat.

First of all, I don't understand why Republicans think they own Libertarian voters. Second, who says Libertarians draw their backers from the GOP base? Third and most important, why don't the Republicans invite, entice or co-opt the libertarians into their scrawny tent?

About four million expected Romney voters stayed home on election day. Some of these were Ron Paul supporters who were treated rudely by Romney and Sununu at the GOP National Convention. Maybe if they would have treated the Ron Paul people with some respect and more importantly, if they respected The Constitution and the premise of fiscal conservatism, the Libertarian Party might not draw nine per cent of the vote.

I wish Cuccinelli well but if he cannot or will not appeal to a certain nine per cent of the populace, or worse yet, if his party is actively alienating that nine per cent then Virginia will officially become a blue state.

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