Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sorting Trash With The Green Police

Have you ever noticed that the wacked-up branch of everyone's family tree always lives in California? Yes, under the fawning gaze of Mother Gaia legislators vote to build bullet trains to nowhere and to pay prison guard $125,000 per year leaving an undecided mid-westerner such as myself wondering if medical marijuana isn't just more than a little abused. Here's a great idea! Create confusing and contradictory recycling rules then send the green police out in the middle of the night to root through trash cans to see who is putting yard waste in the landfill and plastic bags in recyclables instead of the landfill or where ever the hell they're supposed to go. How the hell should I know? I live in Indiana.

I can hear future generations of Californians boasting. I come from a family of trash auditors. My Dad was a trash auditor, my mother was a trash auditor. They knew how to recycle and they raised all of their children to recycle.

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