Sunday, April 28, 2013

Marco Rubio Savaged on His Own Website

It only took Marco Rubio 2 short years to sell out his his base. He was certainly aware that the public was as much upset with the manner in which Obamacare was passed as well as the substance. We have had it with gangs of Senators who circumvent proper legislative procedures to push purposely unintelligible and for the most part unread legislation. The current "immigration reform" would;
Repeal E-verify

Create an additional 33 million American citizens in the first 10 years thus giving the Democrats a majority that would at least a generation.

Make it illegal for law enforcement to arrest and deport anyone who “appears eligible” for legalization.

Allow judges the ability to waive what is now mandatory deportation for certain classes of criminal aliens.

Create extreme pressure on the already under funded Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid programs and the soon to be financially crippling Obamacare.

Why has the CBO not scored the cost? Rubio has put up a separate web page on the site that you and I provide him asking voters to "help him improve the bill" and it has gone over like a pregnant pole vaulter. Here are a few sample suggestions;

Illegal is Illegal repatriation should be considered.

Secure the border 1st, this is not debatable.

Government is too big, and you want to establish another commission? This has gone on since before Reagan, and if you let all these people in and their children, what makes you think they will magically stop trying to come across? It seems to me you are pandering for votes.

Secure the border, deport the illegals that are already here, and solitary confinement prison sentences of no less than five years for second offenders... simple.

Take the talking points that you have been making the rounds with and write them down on a piece of paper. Now submit that half a page of good reform as a replacement for this crappy legislation. You can then spend the rest of your career trying to get the other 1499 1/2 pages passed. What are you thinking?

You are selling us out. Savior of the Republican Party? More like its undertaker. Are you too dense to see legalized guest workers is a much better way for us than citizenship. Why cheapen what my dad gave his life for! I have no respect for you or any other traitor that wants to sell our country out. When you first hit the lights as a young conservative I thought you were pretty good. Now, you talk like a phule.

And it goes on like this for 147 pages. There are a few "God bless you's" and "I fully support you's" but 90% of the suggestions are negative. Who could blame the Senator if he took down his web page, resigned his seat and went back to Florida?

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