Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Is The Southern Poverty Law Center A Hate Group?

Let me reiterate my perspective. The dominant political paradigm is no longer insider vs. outsider. The paradigm has been replaced by honesty vs. falsehood. That is a substantial alteration and it does not bode well for most of us.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has always been a pet of the American left. And with a name like that, how could it not be a  favorite. So cute. Send them a check.

But founder Morris Dees had a problem. They don't make Klansmen like they used to. For a multitude of reasons, the KKK and its ilk has faded from the American landscape. Skinheads and neo-Nazis and Aryan groups get their share of publicity but they are few in number and pose a lesser threat to Americans than say, radical Islamists.

I do not mourn the passing of the KKK but the SPLC can't stand to see them go. Holy Demagoguery Bat Man! Howsoever shall we raise funds?

Don't worry caped crusaders. The SPLC has kept the job alive. They did this by expanding the definition of hate to include Christian groups who actually believe the Bible. They have also smeared the Tea Party movement in a tiptoe manner that would spare them litigation. SPLC might be devious but they are clever.

The Left feels strongly that they own the word 'hate.' Like 'racism' it is there for their use only. The piety is nauseating. The people who do not even know how to hate have generated numerous hate campaigns against innocent targets. One of those targets has been The Family Research Council. http://www.wnd.com/2013/04/major-leftist-group-now-linked-to-domestic-terror/

But the SPLC will not content itself with instigating incompetent terrorists. They are continuously expanding their definition of hate to include more and more law abiding people. If innocent people get shot in the process, who cares? So long as the checks keep coming in...

The SPLC expands its defintion of hate:

From the mouth of the haters themselves:

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I wonder if our sister still sends money to that weasel?