Sunday, April 28, 2013

Duck Dynasty Cast Gets 600 Speaking Offers Per Day

Ok I will run Duck Dynasty into the ground. This is the fourth post on the Louisiana Christian red necks within a week which is probably kinder than we have been to Sarah Palin and a great deal kinder than we are apt to be to Senators Pat Toomey and Marco Rubio. When you're hot your hot, and right now the Robertson clan is white hot as it sorts through 600 speaking offers per day which is probably better than both houses of Congress. That's not bad for a bunch of red necks who just happen to have a hit television show.

From the Tennessean:
“Duck Dynasty” first aired in 2012. Phil Robertson said he initially tangled with producers over the portrayal of the family’s faith, insisting the word “Jesus” not be edited out of prayers. For a time, they bleeped out language that wasn’t actually foul, attempting to make the family look more edgy. Robertson put a stop to that.
Books, merchandise and a noticeable uptick in speaking invitations followed — as many as 600 a day now, Robertson said. He’s noticed the frequency of those that come from Nashville.
“There’s a lot of godly people in Nashville and inside the Bible Belt,” he said.
Those who book them sign confidentiality clauses that keep them from revealing the fees, but Putnam County got a peek at the prices when they tried to book Si Robertson for August’s county fair. The asking price was $29,000, then rose to $40,000, media there reported, but Si still didn’t accept.

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