Saturday, July 8, 2017

Gateway Pundit Identifies 75 Acts Of Corruption And/Or Criminality Revealed In Podeta's Emails.

A treasure trove of sleaze. I for one scanned and perused Assange's daily dumps last October. Not having the time to read all of them, I relied on other people to do so. Mostly, I watched Sanders supporter, H. A, Goodman, for his Wikileaks summaries.

Podesta's emails were staggering both for the magnitude and constancy of criminality. I part company with the Dershowitzs who say that Trump should pardon Hillary. It cannot be understated: Hillary and Podesta and Abedin and their associates are gangsters. Worse than La Cosa Nostra or MS-13, these ruthless thugs possibly or probably benefited from the sharing of US defense and espionage secrets. Joey Gallo and John Gotti and Whitey Bulger did not aid and abet America's enemies. Nor did they accumulate the fortunes anywhere near the size of the Clintons.

We have not had too many slow news days since Assange's October surprises. Maximum respect to Gateway Pundit for their yeoman work at revisiting and reviewing this pile of evidence.

Gateway Top 10:
Hillary sat on Board that funded ISIS
Hillary bragged about being invited to Russia’s Putin’s ‘Inner Sanctum’
3. Clinton Campaign Fudged Climate Change Data – Inflated Emission Numbers
Smoking gun on Iran deal – Nuclear War coming 
Clinton Camp Tried Protect Hillary From Trump ISIS Comment That She and Obama Created ISIS
At Least 65 MSM Reporters Were Meeting with and/or Coordinating Offline with Top Hillary Advisors
Hillary team discussed deleting emails knowing it was against the law
Hillary Campaign Was in Touch with Obama DOJ on Email Investigation
9 Hillary trying to 
get in front of email issue
10 Hillary’s attorney David Kendall did not turn over 
thumb drive and server

Complete List Here:

Oh, by the way, will we be seeing Jeff Sessions on the side of a milk carton? Did he execute a DB Cooper maneuver? Should we file a missing person's report? 

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