Thursday, June 8, 2017

My Account Of The Comey Hearings From The Obstructed View Seats

I know the news media and the Lefties (please excuse the redundancy) were salivating over this morning's Comey hearings. This is what I expected:

1. A surprise or two from James Comey. Whatever else can be said about James Comey, he is full of surprises.

2. Verbal acrobatics from James Comey. This guy is a shyster's shyster. When a distiction can be made between negligence and carelessness, Comey will be on hand to make that distinction.

3. A lame performance from GOP Senators.

4. The Democrats, knowing they have plenty of nothing, would strategically play for the sound bite.

The previous evening I had seen an H. A. Goodman video that stated the Dems would try to use the Comey hearings to snowball an impeachment effort. Goodman is usually on target so I figured he knew of something that could be construed or misconstrued as a bombshell.

I was planning on deliberately sleeping in late so as to miss the festivities but I woke up early with a splitting headache. I got out of bed but never did turn on the TV. I checked my phone from time to time for news alerts. If a bombshell had been ignited, AOL/Huffington Post would be all over it. Nada.

I called The Realtor and he seemed disgusted. According to him, The Dem Senators were aggressive and the GOP Senators were timid. It was a dismal day for all of us. I tried to focus my attention on other matters.

Around 2:15 I left in my Kia and got Fox Business News on the satellite radio. The Trish Regan crew were giddy but I wasn't sure why. They cut into Trump's lawyer making his public statement. Wow! Not what I was expecting. Back to Trish Regan and her happy as schoolgirls panel.

I don't remember what Limbaugh said but he was not depressed over the hearings. I switched over to Jeff Kuhner to sample the mood and he played the theme from "Titanic" in honor of James Comey. Could it have really been that disastrous?

A few minutes with Howie Carr. Understand, Howie can always find humor in the moment. Whether it is a knife fight that erupts at a baby shower or a pit bull mulling, Howie is quick with a chuckle that warms the heart of the listener. Howie seemed much more annoyed than usual. Like me, Howie seems repulsed by James Comey. As if the only good thing we can say about him is that he is finally gone. The mondo radio host who runs a death pool and reads police blotter accounts of bestiality on the air had finally found something that disgusted him. I shared Howie's disgust.

I could not watch that slimy James Comey today. Maybe I will fish for a few highlights on Youtube. I am sure the spinmeisters will salvage something from the loyalty pledge. But maybe, just maybe, James Comey will fade away. Let's hope so.

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