Saturday, March 25, 2017

James Comey Is A Clinton Surrogate

In the hectic 2016 election, James Comey faded in and out of focus. I have to admit, he has fallen off my radar since November 8.

The FBI Director's behavior is, to be polite, erratic. But why be polite? On Twitter last Fall, I repeatedly called the director a dirty cop. That position has been reinforced over time.

Breitbart did a blockbuster expose on Mr. Corruption last September that I only recently discovered. I apologize for my oversight.

The above link reveals an ongoing, lucrative relationship between the Comeys and the Clintons. I knew about HSBC but what that one encounter could be called incidental. I did not know about Lockheed Martin, Peter Comey or the large chunks of change passed back in forth between the families. We are talking big bucks here, folks.

To compound the suspicion of corruption, it seems that Comey has tried to intimidate the muckrakers at Breitbart.

Russia? Soros? Slim? The Saudis? Wiretapping? All these things need to take a backseat to the investigation of James Comey and his relationship to the Clintons.

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