Sunday, August 21, 2016

Not Exactly A Book Review:"The Intimidation Game: How the Left Is Silencing Free Speech" by Kimberly Strassel.

This blog once more calls attention to the most timely and important book ever written. Yes, we might have made that claim before when discussing other books about Obama, but this baby is certifiably the most timely and important book on the Timely and Important bookshelf. Given the advantages of time, Kimberly Strassel has chronicled the best account of The Left's ongoing effort (lead by Barack Obama) to kill free speech, specifically political speech. Laid bare is an ongoing conspiracy to thwart political opposition by unethical and often illegal tactics,

If we have to pinpoint America's demise, we can do so with the election of Barack Obama in 2008. We all know it takes more time, effort, energy, skill, and smarts to build a house than to torch a house. Things we once held dear--truth, transparency, the rule of law, the first amendment--have fallen victim to Obama's scorched Earth policies.

This blog was started with the intent of exposing Barack Obama as an empty suit. I saw him as a man unqualified for most jobs, much less the most important job on Planet Earth. It was as if through some twist of fate, Paris Hilton would now be headed to the White House for the next four years. Over time, Obama would reveal himself to be something much worse than a vapid buffoon. He would reveal a capacity for evil the likes of which America had never before witnessed.

Over eight years of abused power, it is hard to keep track of all the atrocities without a scorecard, or a score keeper like Ms. Strassel. Remember Obama's backroom attacks on the Chamber of Commerce for displaying the audacity of disagreement on matters related to global warming? Remember the White House-orchestrated protests on the front porches of insurance executives who dared to speak out against a government takeover of health care? You are excused if you have forgotten some of the blatant acts of intimidation. It was one abuse after another after another after another.

Despite the media blackout, we did learn about the IRS's crimes--yes, as in felonious and conspiratorial activity--used to squash groups that might disagree with or even oppose the policies of Barack Obama. Even those of us who think we have the gist of it probably underestimate the scope and frequency of the biggest scandal in American history. We probably underestimate the extent of the cover-up by the IRS, Democratic legislators, DOJ, and the Silent Majority Coalition of the fourth estate. Strassel airs the dirty laundry and it's not for the faint of heart.

Lest we think it was the IRS and only the IRS that was used to harass honest Americans, Strassel reminds us that the FEC, SEC, FCC, and DOJ were also pressed into service, to say nothing of the contributions of thuggish NGO's. To those loyalists who say this is business as usual, Strassel points to the record of George W. Bush. President Bush once publicly suggested that a certain church in California should be investigated by the IRS after they voiced criticism to the Iraq War. The blowback was huge and Bush made no further suggestions of this kind. Comparing the Obama Administration's abuses--and crimes--to other administrations is comparing elephants to microbes. Not even Richard Nixon could hold a candle to this latter day Mussolini.

This blog might preach to the choir but this is an important book. Even if you can just go to the library and skim the chapters, please do so.  Kimberly Strassel  is employed by "Wall Street Journal" and maybe, just maybe, given her lofty status the masters of the universe will not dismiss her as a tin hat bitter clinger. We can hope.

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