Thursday, September 17, 2015

Two Words: Red Meat

Watching the second GOP debate and the post-debate analysis I have a slightly different perspective about who won and who lost. In a week or a month the candidates who rise in the polls will be the one who served the largest platter of red meat.

Trump is where he is not because of his sterling personality but because he entered the race handing out steaks and chops on immigration. He has allowed himself to drift away from that. He has gotten off-message. When was the last time he said anything about the subject that put him on top?

Carson never sounded so wonkish. Not one but two, that's right two, minimum wages! I got two can I get three? Can I get two and a half?

Christie gave us a 9/11 recollection and I believe it will help him stay afloat.

When we got past Rubio's bad water joke and his humble origins, he sounded Reaganesque.

Cruz also stayed on topic. So too, did Fiorina. They have a firm grip on their grill forks and spatulas.

Rand Paul fumbled the dumb ass Secret Service question. I like Rand but when the subject turns to the Middle East beef might be a better menu option than chicken.

Kasich, more than any other politician on stage, sounded like a politician.

Who won? The red meat candidates.

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