Friday, June 19, 2015

A conversation with Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and Kim Dotcom

If I could pick the time in which I could live I would have liked to have been born about 1980. Being born at that time would mean spending my teen years during the Internet's infancy. I would have liked to have had parents with means to keep me in computers and almost criminally negligent to allow me to spend hours exploring that brave new world. The brittle chatter about how technologically advanced today's teens are borders on the infantile just as the media delivered copious opinion about Obama's technical prowess simply because he carried a BlackBerry. Considering his race and name one wonders what could be more appropriate but back to the now generation. No, I don't hate my grand kids but accessing Twitter on a smart phone requires little more sophistication than putting a 78 on a Victrola as our parents did.
Edward Snowden was born in 1983. Julian Assange was born in 1971 and Kim Dotcom in 1974. Granted they are a damn sight smarter than the average net surfer today but they are part of a truly avant garde way of thinking. They are both cynical and idealistic. Probably no one who knows them would think twice about letting their kids talk to be them but governments view them a pariahs, unfit to live in common society. In my more cynical moods I imagine that the powers that be view them as being more of a threat to copyrighted material than national defense. These men came of age with the Internet when at least a rudimentary knowledge of DOS and UNIX commands was necessary to download a file. Telnet and IRC (Internet Relay Chat) were a far cry from Twitter. They had to use their heads because the Internet was not for stupid people and these men are not stupid.
Although it's long there is not a dull moment in this video. Pay attention because Dotcom has promised that in 2016 they will bring the Internet Party to America and that Julian Assange will be Hillary's worse nightmare.
Although the focus of this conversation is intelligence gathering in New Zealand imagine such a video conference popping up during the 2016 election especially if Hillary is the candidate.

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