Sunday, April 12, 2015

How To Deal With An Obama Worshiper

How To Deal With An Obama Worshiper

Treat an Obama worshiper like a crackhead. Tell them you love them and care about them but until they can curb their idolatry and the willful self-delusion that accompanies cultism, you cannot associate with them. Holidays will be less stressful without the blanket charges of racism leveled against infidels.

If they can put down the Kool-Aid, welcome them back with open arms. You might introduce them to Judeo-Christian principles even if you are not particularly religious. Theological beliefs inoculate a person against manipulative leaders and The First Commandment serves as mosquito repellent to protect even the most succulent cult bait.

But what if I have Obamacists in my family? Get a new family. It will be worth the effort. Would you allow a practicing heroin addict in your home, even if he was once a loving brother?

A heroin addict will empty your bank book and max out your credit cards but they are not as spiritually draining as Obamacists. There is a refreshing honesty present in all junkies. They want to get high and they will do whatever it takes to get there. There is no pretense of enlightenment or better taste or superior judgment. They are never smug. Whatever else might be said about Opioid-Americans, they will not pass legislation in secret that raises your insurance premiums and restricts your choices in health care and forces you to pay for things you find immoral, repulsive and inhumane. Their evil has limits.

There is a part of the cultist's psyche that says, “Wait a second. Hold on a minute. Don't go to Jonestown.” The cultist must train himself to silence that voice. Theirs is a path of deliberate self-delusion. It is self-delusion as a chosen lifestyle. It is maintaining this constant self-delusion that allows for religious bliss, a bliss he has never known. The delusion that the community organizer is a god incarnate must be constantly reinforced. Doubt must be silenced. We must awaken the Doubting Thomas in our cult bait brothers and sisters. If they hit the Saint Thomas snooze button, let them slumber without us.

From Sarah Palin to Larry Sinclair, from Dr. Ben Carson to Wayne Alan Root, from James Rosen to Sharyl Attkisson, we witness bad things happen to those who mock the cult leader. Bad actions for a good cause is a credo that is embraced from top to bottom in Jonestown. Does that evil lurk in the hearts of every Obama worshiper? Maybe not. But why take chances?

If you shun a practicing Obamacist, do tell them you like them, even though you are cutting them out of your life. They live in a world where like and dislike are paramount. It is safe to say that social approval means more to them than it does to you.

I used to dismiss outright the conspiracy sub-theories that stated that Barack Obama would not leave office after his second term as president. He would inflict some sort of emergency, some sort of pandemonium, that would allow him to temporarily suspend the electoral process. I no longer dismiss those ideas.

Barack Obama is addicted to adulation and luxury (Dick Morris circa 2008 stated that the perks of the presidency are worth about $50 million/year. Barack Obama likes to live large and his extravagant lifestyle has certainly exceeded Morris's estimate). He also loves chaos. That cannot be underestimated.

Please remember too, that President Obama's stranglehold on the Department of Justice has successfully impeded criminal investigations that might implicate high level officials. Chief among these is the widespread, ongoing abuses of the Internal Revenue Service. Faulty hard drives and foggy memories will not stop a determined attorney general who believes in the rule of law and the premise of justice. Our president's third term might extend until such time that the statutes of limitation prevail.

If asked to do so, Obama's followers would drink cyanide for him. They poured out in 2012 to re-elect one of the worst incumbents in American History, a man they love deeply and know superficially. They gave their time and money and votes to their deity and they will support him again and again and again. We are in Jonestown now.

Deprogramming is coercive and we cannot deprogram tens of millions of people. We must treat Barack Obama with kindness and respect but we must humanize him. If we could politely lead him to the deck of the Battleship Missouri and humbly request that he renounce his divinity to his ain't gonna happen!

Therefore, we must take it upon ourselves to humanize Barack Obama. Treat him with respect and kindness but finally, finally, finally let us discover who this man really is. Does he really have the highest IQ of any president? Then what is his IQ? What classes did he take as an undergraduate? Who were his professors? Did he write any papers? Why was he invisible at Columbia? Who financed his education? Why in the world would his family introduce a formidable teenager to Frank Marshall Davis? There are about a million loose ends here.

We are not in Kansas, we are in Jonestown. Reciting, “There is no place like home,” is not going to get us anywhere. The cult leader must be humanized once and for all. The wizard is not the man and the man is not the wizard. We must expose the abracadabra. Some will loyally divert their eyes but we must stand resolute. Only when the wizard is humanized will our country heal.

We must ask the question: Who is Barack Obama?

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