Thursday, April 30, 2015

Caller Discussing Larry Sinclair Gets Dropped From Rush Limbaugh Show

"Darn it we lost her out there." Poor Rush. One of the first videos (actually it was an audio but it was grabbed off of Youtube so it was a video) posted on this blog was a caller who got past the call screener and mentioned John Drew and Larry Sinclair in the same breath on Rush Limbaugh's show. Limbaugh scolded the naughty caller who had deceptively told the producer that he wanted to discuss Hillary and banished the slob from the airwaves.

The same post had a video of a similar event on the Mark Levin show. Ironically or not, both vids have been pulled from Youtube.

To reiterate, I thought of Larry Sinclair as a Clinton creation until I read Sinclair's book. As Sinclair was reaching the pinnacle of attention the corrupt state of Delaware swooped down and incarcerated him on bogus charges. The fact that Sinclair was disappeared by the Fuhrer did more to establish his credibility than anything he could ever say or do. The Bidens would not have silenced him if Sinclair did not have a dangerous message.

To further reiterate. This vid is posted by I believe Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. I also believe STRONGLY that Barack Obama is the father of the birther movement. He supplied the false narrative, the material discrepancy if you will, that he was born in Kenya and his literary agents wittingly or otherwise repeated the narrative for seventeen years. Obama's motives for creating and maintaining this false narrative has never been explored by the Fourth Estate.

 Back to the video below. Reception is strong until the caller mentions Larry Sinclair and doggone it, Rush loses her. Poor Rush.


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