Friday, November 22, 2013

I Don't Give A Damn What Posner And Bugliosi Say, The Jack Ruby Saga Will NEVER Pass The Smell Test

I cannot devote my life to the JFK investigation but some people would say I have already done so. I cannot analyze the forensics the way the pros do. I cannot investigate every Hunt and Harrelson and Sturgis. But I can offer a few educated opinions. 1. The media lie but they lie in a systematic and predictable manner. 2. Then as now, the press has become a character in the story. 3. Joe Kennedy was mob connected. 4. The mafia helped JFK win the 1960 presidential election. 5. For reasons not well understood, RFK betrayed the mafia. 6. Jack Ruby had extensive ties to organized crime. 7. An armed, organized crime figure with access to the bowels of the Dallas Police Department will never, ever pass the smell test. 8. The US government might have downplayed the mafia connection to spare a lot of embarrassment to a lot of government insiders. The degree of mafia/government enmeshment could have caused a loss of government credibility if exposed. It is plausible that federal law enforcement blamed Oswald and then quietly launched a vendetta.

Ruby at Parkland immediately after the JFK assassination. Ruby At Press Conference
Ruby Off Camera. Ruby answers the question for the prosecutor at 1:06. Frustratingly there is video where the camera cuts to Ruby as he answers the question. It is a jaw-dropping piece of video. I saw it on TV sometime in the early to mid 90's but I cannot find it online.
Did Wade Know Ruby? This is two days after JFK's assassination, the day of Oswald's assassination.

Excerpts of HCSA on Jack Ruby's Mafia links. Did Ruby know Oswald?

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