Thursday, January 21, 2010

Scott Brown's Most Amazing Achievement

Scott Brown vs. The Democratic Machine is the biggest upset since David vs. Goliath. But this event pales in comparison to Senator Brown's (love saying those word in succession)most miraculous accomplishment. Senator Brown (poetic, isn't it?) has done the impossible: Senator Brown (he is a Massachusetts Senator so we don't have to do the Senator-elect thing)has made MSNBC not only watchable, but enjoyable.

No really. He has. It is so much fun to watch the hatemeisters try to spin/explain/analyze the Brown victory. They are all over the place. The Dems should have listened to Dean. They should have listened to Pelosi. Massachusetts people could not grasp the intricacies of politics we thought they could be trusted with. They are children running with scissors.

We all know MSNBC resides in their own world of self-delusion but we probably cannot begin to grasp the degree of self-delusion. Deaf people can intellectually understand the appeal of Elvis but MSNBC pundits are incapable of understanding the appeal of a candidate like Scott Brown. For MSNBC, the opposition is alternately evil and stupid. There is no gentleman's disagreement or anything like that. The brilliance of the anointed is self-evident and the failure to grasp the obvious reflects a character flaw in the observer. But the confusion of the enlightened sure is amusing.

Alas, MSNBC will dry their tears and move on to other subjects. They will entertain dozens of viewers but people like me will grow weary of their tired shtick and will click the remote. Not even Scott Brown can keep a miracle going forever. But it sure is fun now.

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