Saturday, January 23, 2010

Is Michael Steele the Reincarnation of George McClellan?

Coach Michael Steele had the ball first and goal and he was talking about punting the ball. Not even a field goal. Punt it into the stands before anyone gets hurt.

I can't find the quote now but coach Steele doubted his team's ability to capture a House majority later this year. Being the schmuck that I am, I figured the GOP could capture a House majority and then some and they could even things up in the Senate. I thought that Massachusetts was a possibility but by no means a probability. I figured that if Brown could just make it close, just about anything could happen come November.

But Brown did not boot it into the stands. He grabbed the ball and hurled himself into the end zone, stiff-arming the linebacker-in-chief as he crossed the goal line. Coach Steele did not immediately concede the game, but had he done so I for one would not have been surprised.

There might be a few untouchables in the House but no one in the Senate is bullet proof. Even Leahy and Schumer have to be looking over their shoulders. With all due respect to the David Gergins, their seats do not belong to any one person or any one party. They can hold their own against GOP hacks but let's see how they do against truck-driving Guardsmen who actually stand for something. Are you listening Coach Steele?

Oh no! Coach Steele is drawing up the old fetal position play that served the Bush Administration so incredibly well. And the cheerleaders are going into their "Give Them Vermont" chant. And the adminstrators are removing images of the old mascot, the elephant, and replacing it with its newer, less offensive replacement: the doormat.

Giant collective sigh. It's hard to win even with Scott Brown if Charlie Browns are running the show.

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