Thursday, June 1, 2017

Once More: There Is No Middle Ground With The Left

If we owe anything to Barack Obama, it is that he has unmasked The Left for all to see. Leftism is not just one more ism. Or perhaps it fits James Joseph's description that the Left is like every other ism, only more so.

It is dangerous to think that we have common goals with The Left. Our goal is to improve health care. Their goal is to control health care. We might like to improve the economy. They want to control the economy. We see merit it improving education. They don't give a rat's ass about the quality of education, so long as the dole out the checks.

We want to make America great again. The Left's position is that America was never great but it was briefly redeemable before the 2010 wave elections. We want to drain the swamp, they want to organize the mosquitos.We would like to make places like Detroit and Chicago more livable, they want to keep the coffers out of the hands of Republicans. Citizens be damned.

It is not just incompatible goals, it is incompatible perspectives, It is a whole set of incompatible mental processes that pit a brain dead and dangerous mob against a coalition of the desperate. Donald Trump and Franklin Graham and Wayne Alan Root might not agree on anything at all except that they all perceive the real threat posed by George Soros, Barack Obama and their goose-stepping minions.

A lot of other people are saying something similar. That we are in a cold civil war and dialog is dead. This jumps off the page. It is from the ever-insightful Ace of Spades,

In order to learn at all, it is required that someone first believe that he has anything to learn at all, and we know that progressives do not see conservatives as people from whom anything can be learned -- they see us as subhumans to be re-educated and reconstructed into civilized savages who at least won't embarrass them as we tend their gardens.

Leftist students cannot be taught anything -- they now routinely scream at professors (you know, the people they're allegedly paying to learn from) that they must SHUT UP AND LISTEN. They come to the university already knowing all there is to know, and in fact are only present to teach their professors; one wonders, then, why it isn't the students being paid, and the professors paying tuition to learn their collective, shouty, expletive-filled wisdom.

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