Monday, May 29, 2017

Congratulations Takuma Sato

The Naptown Half Thou is the only Indy Car Race I watch every year and each year it delivers on drama.

I want hometown hero/Butler grad/friend of the Pences, Ed Carpenter, to win. I had a few other second choices as well. How can you not like a guy named Will Power?

Takuma Sato ran a great race and held off three-time winner, Helio Castraneves, no small feat.

It amazes me how few mechanical failures there were for most of the race, but three of the Honda motors blew as the afternoon progressed. Included in the carnage was two-time Formula 1, Fernando Alonso, whose motor ceased with 21 laps remaining.

All the pageantry and circumstance and tradition. What a race! Congratulations Takuma Sato.

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