Saturday, April 29, 2017

Somebody Went And Woke A Deplorable Giant

We can credit Donald Trump with rousting the sleeping giant but we have to extend some gratitude to BLM, antifa (sic), and the throng of smelly SJW's for serving up the expresso grande. The big guy's stomach is growling and it might be wise for the Meryls and the Andersons and the Jimmys to stop poking him in the eye.

Despite an unprecedented effort on behalf of the Plorables to degrade and demean and intimidate #45 and his supporters, the Trump Train has not lost steam since the election.  It seems to have added a diesel engine and picked up a few more freight cars. You might not want to block the track.

A multi-million dollar recount, an effort to hijack the Electoral College, a phony ass Russian scandal, an onslaught of fake news, illegal leaks to the press, wall to wall insults and character assassinations...when the Left fired their salvo at the waking giant, he shrugged. Finally, the Left resorted to the one tactic that has always served them well: Physical violence and intimidation. Big mistake.

The Blackshirts thought they could slap around The Jolly Deplorable Giant, at least enough to make him cower in fear. They mistook his slumber for a lack of resolve, his silence for stupidity. Objects in your mirror are sometimes larger than they appear.

Rush Limbaugh, for all his bluster, could not waken the sleeping giant. Nor could Michael Savage or Mark Levin or fill in the blank. Then along came this guy whose stated purpose is to make America great again. Rise and shine, big guy.

Sickened by the barrage of insults, spit, feces (yes, the Blackshirt monkeys hurl their own feces at onlookers) M-80's, eggs, pepper spray and all sorts of other weaponry, the people of Trump Nation fought back. From sea to shining sea, average Americans have fought back against the thuggery. It is especially sweet that Americans reclaimed the streets of Berkeley, California. Even with their corrupted police chief, terrorist-tied mayor and an army of vandals, the vermin were no match for USA!

In this first video, the Americans stop the barbarians from blocking traffic. How bad has it gotten for Lefties if they cannot even stop the flow of automobiles in Berkeley of all places?


The second video features highlights of the April 18 Battle of Berkeley.


Let us not be smug. The Left's capacity for evil knows no bounds. They will return with bigger and better weapons and they will inflict casualties. It's who they are. It's what they do.

Rest assured, though, Leftist thugs will once more meet resistance. There is a palpable energy, a sense of unity, like nothing I can remember. And that energy, that unity, is growing and growing and growing. Good morning, Mr. Giant.

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