Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Donald Trump, Meet Conservative Principles. Conservative Principles, Meet The President You Elected

In the political realm, people who would rather be right in defeat than wrong in victory are not understood nor appreciated. The Karl Roves and John Podestas might cozy up to principled people when it is to their advantage, but behind their backs they roll their eyes and make Ferris wheel motions with their index finger swirling around their temple. They accept these quirky bastards when they march in unison but when they fall out of step...

The new Ryan Care bill went down in defeat. Wall Street Journal reports that Trump is now courting Democrats. Jeanine Pirro blamed Paul Ryan on Saturday night and the Freedom Caucus on Sunday night. Steve Bannon wants to create an enemies list, starting with House Conservatives. Professional turncoat, Glenn Beck, tired of dumping on Donald Trump and started dumping on potential No voters.  Is the honeymoon over?

Donald Trump could probably be included with the Roves and Podestas in the confused by principles department. One little spat and he is ready to scout an upgrade. Let me remind you, Mr. President, George Clooney did not take you to the prom. The cool kids laughed at you but the dorky Christian kid from the wrong side of the tracks would be your prince, Cinderella. Now you can't dance with a dude who has two right feet? Look before you leap, my friend.

Before you let Chuckie and his friends have their way with you, Mr. President, ask yourself: Will they respect you in the morning?

The previous blog post tried to explain why we can NEVER negotiate with the Left.  http://obotomy.blogspot.com/2017/03/why-we-cannot-negotiate-with-left.html   Forget principles for a moment. From an amoral, politically pragmatic perspective do you really think it will serve you to play kissy face with the Dems? Let us examine recent history.

Bush 41 posed as a Conservative. "Read my lips. No new taxes." Then we read his middle finger, he raised our taxes and soon, the political career of one of this country's best-ever resumes went down in flames. Pat Buchanan challenged him in the primaries. Ross Perot was able to get some traction and drain about 1/5 of the vote tally from Bush. Did the Dems show any gratitude for Bush advancing their agenda? Insert laugh track here.

For eight years, the Clinton Administration blamed all that was wrong in the Middle East on Bush 41. If only he had gone into Baghdad. If only he had finished the job. George Bush 43 so badly wanted to correct his father's perceived failure. So he invaded Iraq. Overnight, the Dem narrative changed. Bush 43 lied about WMD's so as to his excuse his bloodlust for brown people and to enrich Haliburton, Inc.

On the home front, Bush expanded the welfare state, promoted reckless spending and pretty much gave the Dems carte blanche. George W. Bush was arguably, the best president the Democrats ever had, even if he was a Republican. Did the Dems extend their gratitude for all of his cooperation? Insert laugh track here.

John McCain was called a maverick for his independence. "Reach across the aisle," was his unofficial motto. He has always had a soft spot for Democrats and their agenda? Did that endear him to the Dems and their media loyalists in 2008? No, they created a smear campaign against McCain and "New York Times" apparently fabricated an innuendo-laden report involving the senator and a blond lobbyist. For reaching across that aisle, McCain got his fingers burned.

Mitt Romney morphed into a virtual Democrat, creating a Massachusetts precursor to what would become Obamacare? Think the Democrats ever developed a love or respect for their ally? Where is that damn laugh track?

If such things matter to you, Cinderella, don't worry about hurting your prince's feelings. His heart has more calluses than yours. He has been dumped by beauties and beasts and everything in between. Go ahead and stab him in the back, you won't penetrate his buffalo hide. It will sting a little but you won't hit any vital organs.

Before you go sleeping around, Cinderella, try to appreciate what you already have. Do you think you will find his kind of loyalty in establishment Republicans? Paul Ryan abandoned you as soon as the "Access Hollywood" audio hit the airwaves. Most of the old boy GOP's were never on your side. Has Kristol or Krauthammer or Will ever defended you?

The conservative base is loyal first and foremost to principles like Judeo-Christian values, patriotism, strong families, free enterprise, rule of law...Principle first. Proper nouns second. If you understand that, Mr. President, you will have an ally with a loyalty so strong as to be confusing to Washington insiders. If you cannot recognize the value of your most steadfast allies, Mr. President, then you are not half as smart as we thought you were.

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John H said...

Does the Tea Party still exist? Do Conservatives need to voice support for the House Freedom Caucus? Did we just lose the war, so soon after winning the battle in November?