Monday, December 12, 2016

The MSM's Amazing Ability To Control The Narrative

Don't eulogize the dinosaur media just yet. They are still the 8-ton octopus in the room.

Now the narrative is that the Russians "hacked" our elections. Ergo, Hillary is a victim and Trump is undeserving of his victory.

This story could be shut down quickly, but give the partisan press their due. They can and do tell us where to focus our attention. Why is it assumed that the Russians would prefer Hillary over Trump? I hold the strong belief that Russia shares the perspective of every other oil-producing country. They want to make sure American energy stays in the ground. The Trump Agenda threatens the world oil oligarchy. Hillary's green agenda does not.

If Russia has the ability to lift 50,000 emails, I doubt if they want to reveal this to the world. If they possess Podesta and Hillary emails they might want to see her in the White House just for her vulnerability to blackmail. Why would they blow their cover to help Donald Trump?

If the Russians--or anyone else for that matter--does have access to emails routed to and from Secretary Clinton's unsecured server, it is Hillary Clinton's felonious fault. The DNC emails were more likely leaked than hacked. Why else would Julian Assange, a man of limited means, offer a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Seth Rich?

Were the Podesta emails hacked by Russians? According to Assange, they were not. We should take Steve Pieczenik's comments with a grain of salt but he says that it was US Intelligence insiders who leaked the treasure trove. That seems much more likely both because they are more likely to do so and they had their own motives (like patriotism, for instance) to keep Hillary out of office.

Russia hacking our election? Nyet. Another case of fake news.


Moose said...

The MSM has been controlling the narrative for years--and is now more corrupt than ever!
Everything from global warming to Trump-is-a-racist has been driven into the minds of Americans.
It is standard operating procedure for liars to accuse the accuser of being a liar. Apply the fake new label and--voila!
Russian Hackers....
Not only do they want to render Trump's election illegitimate, they also want to be the sole, and uncontested, source
of information to the American public.
And... Who do we put in charge of deciding what is fake news and what is not?
My guess is that would be the purveyors of the truly false news--our friendly communist infested government.
How else can you control the mind and hearts of the sheeple??...

BOSurvivor said...

You are right on target, Mooseman. We might have been on to them years ago but now it seems like everyone sees through the MSM's smoke and mirrors. I found this link just a few minutes ago.