Friday, December 9, 2016

Surrealism: Dan Rather Lectures Don Lemon On Ethics Of Journalism

Dan Rather is a luminary in the world of fake news. He saw his cushy job come to an end when he pushed a phony story concerning the National Guard record of then President George W. Bush.

Was Rather complicit in promoting the fake news report or merely negligent? In the court of public opinion he pleaded to the lesser charge and was subsequently honored for a lifetime of service to crooked journalism.

How negligent was Rather? He promoted the validity of a supposedly typewritten document that contained superscript. For those of you who never used a typewriter, superscript was not possible on manual typewriters and even most latter generation electrics did not usually offer that feature.. .

CNN drags Rather out of the pasture from time to time to get the perspective of a living sage.


As bizarre as that might be, the following link is to a Dan Rather correspondence course entitled:

Dan Rather on Journalism & Finding the Truth in the News

I am not making this up. The course was $150 but is now available for $19. Sale ends today! Better hurry.

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