Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Demise Of Kelly Ayotte

I happen to like Senator Ayotte and even though she has disappointed me a few times, I still voted for her. I say I like her and I don't use that term often because I try not to like or dislike people. For me, it is more about respect than like or dislike. Like is irrelevant. Having said that though, some people I do indeed like, and Kelly Ayotte is one such person.

I posted something a couple of months ago that questioned the instincts of certain GOP Senators: September 13, if you want to check the archives. I listed Ayotte, Johnson and Kirk as three senators who just do not have the feel for politics,

Johnson got on the Trump Train and was re-elected. Kirk and Ayotte on the other hand, will be spending more time with their families. Whereas Kirk ran against a strong candidate--one of the few, if only, rising stars in the Democratic Party--in a deep blue state, Ayotte ran against a flawed governor in a purplish state.

The turning point for Ayotte was a debate with governor Hassan where the moderator asked the Senator if Donald Trump was a good "role model." Forget the psychobabble baby talk for a heartbeat. The Senator hemmed and hawed and served up some blather. She could have said something like, "He's a far better role model than the habitual criminal at the top of the Democratic ticket who has already accepted hundreds in millions in bribes from Gulf States including countries she herself has identified as states who fund ISIS ..."

The point is, the question was a hanging curve ball that could have been put over the left field fence, the right field fence or deep, deep center. Kelly popped it up to the catcher.

Ayotte refused multiple requests to appear on "The Howie Carr Show." That in and of itself would have been worth a thousand or so votes, her margin of defeat. A token of respect for Donald Trump might have put her over the top. We will never know. What we do know is that politics is not for everyone. Kelly Ayotte is one such person.

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