Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Have James Comey And Julian Assange Ever Been Photographed Together?

Let's check Comey's schedule. Maybe the balcony announcement conflicted with his public appearance somewhere else today. Better roll out a video of Julian Comey addressing his fans the world over.

I am glad I did not set my alarm for Wikifizzle. Hillary is not the only one who might see Asssange taken out with a drone strike. Good thing Roger Stone doesn't have his finger on the trigger. It might be getting a bit itchy about now.

Whatever Assange has on Hillary, it will resonate about as well as all of those one-liners Trump delivered AFTER the debate. Too little, too late.

Will the Ecuadorean Embassy proceed with an eviction notice? It's one thing to house an international freedom fighter and quite another to provide lodging for the second coming of Kato Kaelin. Speaking of Kato, he seems to be keeping a low profile these days. Has he ever been seen in the company of Julain Assange? Hmmmm.

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