Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Why Prognosticators Love Hillary

If Trump wins, the Oracle Class might not ever regain its veneer of infallibility. Larry Sabato and Nate Silver might see their careers take a Dick Morris turn. We cut meteorologists a lot of slack but I am not so certain we will do the same with political pundits.

John Batchelor had Dr. Lara M Brown and Salena Zito on for their weekly Trump bash. They were really piling on. The GOP could lose both houses. The down ticket candidates need to disavow Trump immediately. Blood bath! Blood bath!

I understand partisanship but these people have reputations to protect, don't they? They have to maintain some credibility, right? What is really at stake here?

The pundits seem to have figured out a 'Heads I win, tails you lose' situation. With Hillary's projected legal problems, they can safely predict a Hillary landslide now and then when it hits the fan before the election, they can say "Who knew? If not for that September surprise, I would have hit the bullseye."

Tout Hillary early and often and when the hammer comes down, remind us that this entire election cycle was an anomaly. Who could have foreseen an indictment? Who knew she took bribes from every member of OPEC? Who knew that she had ties to global terrorists?

The soothsayers might have figured out the best strategy for maintaining their reputations.

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