Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Is Obama A Muslim?

Barack Obama is a Muslim apologist and a Muslim sympathizer. Does that make him a Muslim?

The short answer, is no. The better answer is no, but...

In the eyes of most Muslims, Barack Obama is one of them. His father was a Muslim and he is therefore either a Muslim or an apostate. Two of Barack's half brothers, George and Malik, are devout Muslims having inherited their faith from their father.

It might be more accurate to say that Barack Obama is fueled by OPEC more than by anything spiritual. Follow the global/warming/climate change/climate disruption money and you find yourself in the Middle East. OPEC's prime objective is to prevent US energy independence and worse yet, (for countries like Qatar) US energy exports.

OPEC is not stupid and they know that windmills and solar panels and biofuels are nothing more than science projects and a century from now "alternative fuels" will be the energy of the future. Nothing is so threatening to the sultans and the Saudis than an America that has fully harnessed its oil, coal and natural gas. OPEC will do whatever it takes to promote a Green Agenda.

Yes, Barack Obama loves the theocracy of Iran and he is reluctant to fight ISIS (but he will call them ISIL. Take that, bad non-jihadist.) He goes out of his way to whitewash jihadist terrorism. He shows overt hostility to Israel and is indifferent to the plight of Middle East Christians. He went out his way to snub the Charlie Hebdo victims of workplace violence. It is not hard to see why one might jump to conclusions about Obama's true faith.

Concerning Barack Obama's faith two truths are painfully self-evident:

1. There exists a Cult of Obama that literally deifies the man.

2. Barack Obama has not just accepted his deification as a matter of course for someone who is just so gosh darn awesome. No, Barack Obama has played an active role in promoting the idea that he is metaphysically different, and metaphysically superior to the rest of humanity.

To the second point, Barack Obama is possessed by a sense of grandeur that would be foreign to normal people. In layman's terms, he isn't playing with a full deck of cards. Borrowing from the vernacular, he believes his own bullshit.

This blog has been proactive in exposing Barack Obama's shameless self-adulation. If the life of Barack Obama can be reduced to one event, it would be his visit to Georgetown University in which the newly-elected president insisted that all references to Christ be shrouded. Change had come to America and Change would not share the stage with the likes of You Know Who.

Barack Obama might be appreciative of Islam' s tenet of aniconism, that forbids the visual display of Allah or the Prophet Muhammad. Middle East dictators seem to embrace this principle because it allows them to display their own faces everywhere without competition from religious icons. Perhaps this is why Islam seems to lend itself to the advancement of Sultans and Shahs and Emirs.

The Georgetown incident clarified that Barack Obama is a Christian in name only. It might make us wonder if Barack Obama could be anything--a Muslim for instance--other than an Obamacist.

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