Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Maybe We Should Hand The Country Over To Texans

Yes, Texans are brash and arrogant and full of themselves but... A terrorist attack is imminent so what do they do? They hire extra security and then kill the would-be terrorists. Problem solved.

Not that the martyrs died in vain. They were able to nick a security guard in the ankle with a wound that did not require a night in hospital. Not sure how many virgins you get for inflicting a paper cut.

The terrorists had body armor and automatic weapons and they were no match for the Lone Star shooters. I don't intend to join ISIS and I don't want to do any jihad and I am too tired for terrorism of any kind. But should I change my mind I think I would rather practice my new craft in Paris, France than Paris, Texas.

God bless Texas!

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