Sunday, November 17, 2013

Students Rail Against Obamacare

Students at Bowie State University, a traditional black college, are from the lower end of the economic scale. While we focused on Obamacare almost since the first day of this administration another index of economic failure has gone unnoticed. Student debt has expanded 463% under Obama. This is an aspect of the young and healthy generation that is supposed to finance the cost of Obamacare that hasn't been stated. Frequently the young who do feel a need to buy medical are villianized as selfish and irresponsible. No one bothers to mention that many of them are also broke. Before Obamacare students could purchase health insurance for $50 per semester. Now that cost has jumped to about $3000 per annum.

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worldsbiggestloser said...

And ninetywhat per cent voted for Obama?