Tuesday, October 29, 2013

With Amusement And Bemusement

The healthcare.com website and the larger monster of Obamacare have me conflicted. I am amused that the website does not work but I am not cheering on the code writers. I am offended that CGI is the beneficiary of graft but the one thing that might be worse is if the site worked exactly as it was intended. Then again, the website "glitch" might protect the administration from the ugly truth of just how gory the train wreck happens to be. For the administration, a functioning website might be the light at the end of the tunnel in the form of an oncoming train. If you believe in Obamacare, brace yourself for "I told you so." That is to be expected but I for one do not take pride in this particular prophesy. If I had predicted the World Series winner at the start of the season, yes, I would take pride in that. But this is toaster in the bathtub kind of prophesy. The people who support Obamacare are so !@#$$%^& stupid (and !@#$%^& stupid by choice, I might add) that they believe we can pass a 2,700 UNREAD UNREAD UNREAD bill and add thousands of pages of additional regulations and everything will be improved. It is a celebration of regulation per se. The religious confirmation that all regulation is good and more regulation is always better. The Dems are now in an intra-family feud that will dwarf the spat the GOP just waged. CBS tells us millions will lose their preferred plans and NBC tells us that the president knew in 2010 that rates will rise for most citizens and he continued his lies. This is big, folks. MSNBC opened the hour trying hard to spin an NBC report. This is a CBS that covers Benghazi on "60 Minutes" and does not mention Hillary or Obama. This is the CBS that did a recent "60 Minutes" report on Peter Schweizer that conveniently omits any mention of Eric Holder and Barack Obama, despite the fact that the corruption, abuse of power and probable criminality of the Holder DOJ is a big chunk of his book. Of course, the Democratic civil war might have been avoided had a few of them read the bill. I am amused at the chickens coming home to roost. But as amusing as it might be, I am befuddled, confused and even bemused that grown people put their unyielding faith in the supremacy of documents that they have never read. That must be some damn good Kool-Aid.

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Hoosierman said...

I'm not so sure CGI has done anything illegal. To be sure they are inept but federal contracting is covered by 1800 pages of regulation, almost insuring that the contractors who are hired are those who can adroitly maneuver through the process and not those who can best do the work. Getting fired by the Canadian government and two provincial governments is not the sort of thing CGI puts on its website but I honestly don't know how they compare to other contractors.

Rick was telling me about Mitch Daniels firing IBM which managed, I think, Indiana's Medicaid. I don't think any other state had ever fired IBM but when Daniels decided they were too expensive they were gone. "Let 'em sue us if they don't like it but I'm not paying out that kind of money." And that was it. If HHS had Mitch Daniels running it I guarantee that website would be functional if had to keep to lines of contractors, one coming and one going, outside of HHS.