Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Senator Train Wreck to Retire

I remember this speech. Mrs. Hoosierman kept asking what was wrong with the distinguished senator from Montana. Shall we call him intemperate, spirited or just Kennedyesque? Whatever. Senator Bacchus Baucus was lamenting the fact that no GOP senators would abet him in creating what he now calls a train wreck. He caught most of by surprise today when he announced he would retire from the Senate, bringing to six the total number of left leaning, Obamacare voting senators who have decided they should spend more time with their families. He joins Sens. Tom Harkin, Jay Rockefeller, Tim Johnson, Carl Levin, and Frank Lautenberg in making the Democrats' grip on the Senate even more tenuous. Viewing this video may help readers understand why Obamacare is so incoherent. What would one expect from a intoxicated senator, War and Peace? I wish they still did those Dewar's profiles.

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