Sunday, April 14, 2013

How Will It End?

Four years from now, I do not foresee us singing "Kumbaya" in unison. America won't just be the good old USA minus twelve trillion dollars. We won't just be impoverished, we will be in turmoil.

Hardly a day goes by when we don't hear about the Feds abusing their powers. The IRS reading our email without warrants.The NSA stepping up their eavesdropping. Domestic spy drones. The Feds conduct law enforcement training to warn about "sovereign individuals." The Defense Department classifies Mormons, Evangelicals and Roman Catholics as possible terrorists. Homeland Security warns us about rerturning veterans.

Our government has always abused its power but for the past four years the bullying has crescendoed. Whatever else can be said about the Bush Administration or the Clinton Administration or for that matter every preceding administration, none of them were hostile to the American public. That has changed. Barack Obama wears his hostility as a badge of honor. Hostility is perhaps his defining characteristic, more significant than even his avarice or his unending duplicity. We have never seen anything like it.

Obama spits in the faces of gun owners.
Obama spits in the faces of Roman Catholics.
Obama spits in the faces of middle America.
Obama spits in the faces of anyone who advocates for the rule of law.
Obama spits in the faces of advocates for rational discourse.

 Having a killer commute, I listen to talk radio for 10-15 hours/week. I listen for information, for entertainment and to gauge the zeitgeist. Information and entertainment is often lacking but the spirit of the times is always intriguing.

I will sometimes hear of someone on talk radio and I will go home and listen to them on youtube. A year ago I would dismiss Alex Jones and all Truthers. Now, I am curious as to what he has to say. I believe 9/11 was an outside job conducted by Al-Qeda and I reject all 9/11 conspiracy theories beyond the officially-sanctioned conspiracy. But I do share Alex Jones' suspicions of the Obamamedia.

Never before I have seen such pervasive fear and pessimism. We have been lied to in a systematic manner and we know we have been lied to in a systematic manner. Meanwhile, Obama divides and destroys. That is all he knows how to do.

Obots read my blog but they rarely comment. This is one more time when I wish they would come forward. Tell us that Barack Obama is a good man with good intentions and that he has surrounded himself with good people with good intentions. And please make the case without parroting Obama's silly ass, mind-numbing. anti-rational talking points.

It won't happen. Deification requires the bypassing of the rational mind. Obots love Obama but they cannot tell you why. They can articulate their hatred for all opposition but they cannot make a rational case for Barack Obama. Theirs is an ineffable experience but profoundly religious nonetheless. We can make snide remarks about the deification but make no mistake about it: It is real. It is genuine. It is profoundly religious.

I cannot see the cult leader with all the attributes one would associate with a cult leader graciously passing the torch to a successor. I cannot see the religiously blissful surrender their faith. Divide and destroy. Divide and destroy. Divide and destroy. Our past, our present, our future.

Does anyone think this nightmare will have a happy ending?

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Hoosierman said...

Any ending has to be happier than the status quo.