Friday, April 19, 2013

How Much Of This Case Is Real?

Yes, the various Massachusetts law enforcement agencies and the FBI did a commendable job in rounding up and dispatching the brothers Tsarnaev. And yes, actions do speak louder than words which is fortunate because many of the details of this case are inconsistant or omitted and much of the verbiage is not factual.

The FBI reports that three people has been taken into custody but they are not suspects nor are they under arrest. If one is not under arrest then presumably one can move about freely or leave. Now maybe these people are free to leave but it won't be much fun with the cuffs on.
Then there is the matter of another FBI oversight. Had the FBI not flubbed a tip from an unnamed country the terrible bombing could have been prevented. The FBI went so far as to interview Tamerlan Tsarnaev and concluded he was no jihadists. Evidently they didn't bother to monitor his YouTube account or has the political correctness so dear to the Obama administration effectively degraded federal law enforcement? Tsarnaev could have been deported for an arrest for domestic violence as Judicial Watch has noted here. Of course expecting the Department of Homeland Security whose head honcho, Janet Napolitano, cannot even say "Islamic terrorism" to act decisively in a case not involving a card carrying Tea Party member or a military veteran is too much to ask. One Boston commentator on FoxNews actually said, to my amusement, that the FBI didn't enjoy a very good reputation in Boston. When Bostonians have had a chance to think this thing through I doubt if the FBI's esteem will be measurably better.
So what about the mysterious Saudi student? Not the one who is being deported but the one the who was hospitalized and named as a person of interest? Quoting the Hill;
"The first Saudi student is not a suspect in the Boston bombings but was hospitalized after the attack and questioned. Authorities also searched his apartment in Revere, a suburb of Boston."
Was he not arrested and not a suspect in the same manner as the three people pictured above? He was not a suspect but the FBI thought it would be fun to search his apartment? Probably he is innocent but why can't the FBI have the candor to say they made a mistake? Funny no one in the media wanted to interview this victim of racial profiling and Islamic phobia or is he not available?
It's good to see that Obama is finally taking advice from Republicans but did he have to start with Lindsey Graham? Just as Senator Grahamnesty insisted, Obama chose not to Mirandize the younger Tsarnaev brother. While that is perfectly legal any statements he may make cannot be used against him. Coming from an administration that routinely Mirandizes foreign jihadists on foreign battlefields, denying Miranda rights to a US citizen for crimes committed on American soil is a little too inconsistent.
Lastly, what national tragedy would be complete without a lecture from the Chief of State on the virtues of diversity? True to form, Obama rambled on for some 6 minutes without mentioning the cause of the bombing, Islamic terrorism. He did, however, omit the shout out to Doctor Joe Medicine Crow.

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Unknown said...

The MSM was very quick to dismiss the hospitalized Saudi student story... All the while doing their best to imply that the bombing may have been the work of Right Wing Extremists (the Tea Party)... The Tea Party Patriots are now right-wing extremists???... Believing in our Constitution is tantamount to being an extremist???... The patriotism of today is throwing our constitution out the window???...