Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bitchin' About the Husky

Would someone please give this woman a Rorschach test? Carolyn Luby who describes herself as a feminist has written an open letter to UConn President Susan Herbst on The Feminist Wire expressing her abhorrence of the schools new logo. The letter is not angry but rather more of a suck up letter wherein she recalls President Herbst's achievements as a great feminist who once earned a standing ovation from-hold your breath-Gloria Steinem. She closes with " In solidarity Carolyn Luby". Oh yes, the sisterhood. She and the pres will march shoulder to shoulder and stamp out injustices both real and imaginary where ever they may hide.
The trouble is the new school logo which Ms Luby contends "empowers rape". Yeah, you can see it in the eyes. My trouble with Ms. Luby's perception, aside from the fact that the rest of us don't live in a world of cartoons is that she presupposes that the offending Husky is a male.
Well of course it's a male. It looks menacing ergo it's a male.
One supposes that Ms.Luby's background in gender studies enabled her to make that quick identification or maybe she just smelled the testosterone.
Anyway this event has turned the poor woman's life upside down. The school newspaper, The Daily Campus documents her tribulations.
Now, although Luby says she would not change anything about the letter, she says she has never felt less safe on campus.
For writing the letter, Luby has been the subject of online ridicule and has been threatened numerous times with rape since yesterday from frequenters of Barstool Sports, a blogging website targeting sports fans and anti-feminists that uses sophomoric humor and ample profanity.
Online ridicule. Really? Threatened with rape numerous times? Maybe if the school paper could provide a link to the online threats I would be convinced but crying rape when all else fails is pretty damn common these days. Then there was the on-campus harassment.
Luby said she was identified on campus and yelled at by “bro types.” She brought the issue up in a class, and the professor recommended she report the incident to the police department, and that she travel with a large group to the UConn police station so she would not be walking alone.
When she arrived to file a report, she said the officer took down her name, address and “The Feminist Wire,” but asked her no other questions. She is unsure if she actually filed a report, and felt it was not taken seriously. Luby left believing the police merely documented that she had sought help.
She brought it up in class? I presume that was her organic chemistry class and while I'm not exactly sure what she meant by "bro types I'm guessing they looked remotely like Macklemore or Ryan Lewis which would be pretty annoying especially for one used to thinking in stereotypes. Still there is something missing. It's called a crime and is a necessary prerequisite for a criminal complaint. Perhaps her professor should consider a career in law enforcement since he/she saw something the campus cops missed. Then came the most unkindest cut of all.
“My ex-boyfriend, who I literally have not heard from in years, who used to abuse me and rape me on campus, texted me and said, ‘I see you made it big on Barstool,’” she said.
Victimhood achieved. Mission accomplished!

Evidently UConn is a serial offender when it comes to team logos. From February of 1999:

A former University of Connecticut fine arts instructor says the school's new logo bears a striking resemblance to an insignia used by a Nazi military unit in World War II.

UConn's new symbol, unveiled in February 1998, depicts three stylized oak leaves with two acorns at the base.

Michael Michalczyk of Glastonbury, who taught graphic arts at UConn's Waterbury branch in 1972 and is a self- described history buff, said he is outraged by the logo's similarity to the divisional shield used by the 16th Reichsfuhrer- S.S. of the Panzergrenadiers.
Hey Mike, Have I got a girl for you!

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Crazy bullshit from crazy women. Frankly, I'd like that husky,with me,looking out my front door as I answer the doorbell.