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Larry Sinclair: Profile In Courage

I have to admit, I was skeptical of Larry Sinclair from the get-go. His story seemed a bit too contrived. Perhaps a bit too Clintonesque. And Obama's flaws were so glaring that it would be better to focus on the obvious than to dig for skeletons in that Carlsbad of a closet that has been so keenly protected.

At this blog we only mentioned Larry Sinclair after he became a news item. We were not going to repeat every rumor we hear but once the rumor becomes a news item, once it is out of the closet, it has to be fielded differently. Mostly, I was concerned with the way the media treated Larry Sinclair and reported on him. Ultimately, the media would reveal themselves to be as corrupt as ever.

Shortly after "Game Change..." was released, one of the writers was on NPR. The host referred to Larry Sinclair while refusing to mention his name. I forgot exactly how he was labeled but it was something like the guy the Clintons dragged on in desperation. That was pretty much the way I had thought of Larry Sinclair for a long time to come.

Time passed. Herman Cain arrived on the scene and was ultimately kneecapped by women who had no more credibility than Larry Sinclair. Joe McGinniss penned a character assassination on Sarah Palin and McGinnis was treated much differently than Larry Sinclair. Matt Lauer brought him on his morning show to question the author's reliability all the while repeating the most lurid and sensational rumors about Palin. Matt was once more the cutesie pie and other media outlets followed suit. Sinclair meanwhile, was still blacked out from the media.

The ugly double standard was never so obvious. Herman Cain and Sarah Palin would be trashed by not necessarily reliable sources and the media were all over it. Larry Sinclair solidifies his case and it's hard to even find him on youtube. 

Then came the 2012 election wherein a failed president would defeat an upright citizen by launching a $250,000,000 character assassination based entirely on lies. Romney was never a felon. He was never a tax cheat. He was did not cause cancer intentionally or otherwise. He created jobs. He was never a misogynist. Romney would be sunk by the bearers of false witness and the voters for whom truth just is not all that important.

Far from correcting the falsehoods directed against Mitt Romney, the fourth estate actually joined in with the chorus. Media corruption moved front and center. It is in this context that I gave Larry Sinclair another look. Folks, whatever else can be said about Mr. Sinclair, he has just as much credibility as Barack Obama, Team Obama, The Mainstream Media and everyone else close to the chosen one. 

A few weeks ago I bought a Kindle off ebay for $55. Damn thing did not come with an instruction manual and I am still struggling with it. But after an hour or so I was able to order a few ebooks from Amazon. I ordered two novels written by a good friend of mine and I ordered "Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder" by Larry Sinclair with Jeff Rense.

I hate traditional book reviews and I am glad to see Amazon readers squash that stuffy format. A book review should be like a consumer report and should answer the question, "should I read this book?" I especially hate the traditional pedantic review that whines about leaden prose or a stray typo. However, this book does have more than its share of grammatical errors and misspellings. Whatever Jeff Rense was paid to do, he did not.

Back to the book. Is it worth reading? Yes. Haven't we gotten the gist of it from youtube and the blogs? No.

There are four good reasons to read this book.

1. Sinclair details the way the media have treated this story. This is not to be missed.

2. Sinclair details the Alinsky treatment he has received at the hands and feet of Team Obama. Death threats. Death threats that caused his lawyer to drop his case. IRS harassment. Social Security terminating payments. More threats. Character assassination. Arrest on charges prosecutors knew to be bogus. And on and on and on. Team Obama leave their indelible stamp all over this story.

3. Donald Young! Yes, I knew of Donald Young and I knew he was a choirmaster at The Trinity United Church of Christ and that he was brutally murdered two days before Christmas in 2007. Much more chilling than the murder is the cover-up. Or more accurately, the cover-ups. The police have not found a killer. This may or may not be an obstruction of justice. But the craven and corrupt news media...I guarantee you, if anyone--even anyone named Kennedy--had a close associate (and possibly a lover) who just happened to be murdered a few weeks before the start of their presidential race, the press would have a field day.

Do an internet search on the murder of Donald Young. It won't take you long to read all that is written on the subject. This is chilling. I never knew Donald Young so I won't get maudlin at the telling of his tale but this old cynic finds this story disturbing. Yes, I have seen some bad things. So many bad things that I am not always moved by yet another tragedy. But....

The public indifference to Donald Young's murder bothers me more than I can tell you. The most callous death row inmate gets more pity than this gentle man who had no known enemies. To certain high-placed people, Donald Young was just another bump in the road. 

I for one would consider it an act of heroism if the president marshaled all the resources at his disposal to find justice for his friend. But that has not happened and I doubt if it ever will. We are left to speculate why that might be.

4. Biden and Biden. Readers of this blog know that I have said favorable things about Vice President Biden in the past. I now retract those statements. Joe Biden is not a warm-hearted  goofball. He is not your crazy uncle who shoots off his mouth even before the wine is served. Joe Biden is as corrupt and evil as any human being America has ever produced. 

Larry Sinclair believes Biden was awarded the vice presidency because he was able to fabricate bogus charges against Sinclair (in conjunction with Beau Biden who just happened to be Attorney General of Delaware in 2008) a few months before the general election. By keeping Sinclair on the sidelines, Obama was able to rush into the end zone unimpeded. 

I for one take a dim view of prosecutors who fabricate evidence. They should be jailed and forever banned from the legal profession. Beau Biden never even faced charges in the lowly court of public opinion. He is after all, a Democrat.

In this era every book of non-fiction is a book about the fourth estate. The corrupt news media eclipse just about everything. They are now a character in every story. It should not be this way but it is. "Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder" is no exception. Just when you thought your cynicism had reached its limit, you find out you still have something left in the tank. The time will come when I recommend something uplifting but not today. We cannot yet abandon this ugly chapter in America's decline.

Read the book!

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