Sunday, March 3, 2013

Equal Time For Self-Professed Neo-Cons

Want to hear the articulated viewpoints (as opposed to default setting) of a mainstream Republican who believes the GOP should be the Lite version of the Democratic Party? If you don't want to hear from her, I understand that. But be forewarned that they are out there. The Less Filling Version of The Democratic Party presents a greater obstacle to any sort of genuine hope or change than do the William Ayers proxies.

As with a lot of flame throwers, the pink flamingo is everything she renounces. She is the intolerant bigot who misrepresents anyone who holds an opinion differing from her own. This is the inflammatory column that upset the Neo-Con. Not exactly a bombshell.

I do not worship Cleon Skousen, in part because I have never heard of the guy. I heard of Mark Skousen, the hard money, practical investment adviser. But Cleon has escaped my notice.

I wish the "normal" Republicans would follow their spiritual leader, Charlie Crist, to their promised land of the Democratic Party and revel in their Obama worship now and forever.

Why keep a Neo-Con on my blogroll? We need to remind ourselves what is out there.

We have a serious problem in this country.  No, it is not the deficit, military spending, NRA, guns, lack of guns, or anything of that ilk.  The problem is the growing intolerance for anyone who is of one’s political persuasion.  We’ve become a nation of political bigots, and it is only getting worse.   And, yes, The Pink Flamingo is concentrating on the far right and the tea parties.

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