Sunday, February 24, 2013

"The Worst Generation" Or "This is One Long Short Bus"

Yes, I am demoralized. Not so much by the election as by the GOP caving when they did not have to, first on the "fiscal cliff" and then on the debt limit. The political class owns two parties. We own none.

There are a few things I have wanted to comment on and I will in good time. In no particular order.

1. There can be no civility without honesty.
2. The new political paradigm.
3. Sticking up for our rivals. Why the Obama re-election will hurt his supporters more than it will hurt us.

Let's start with the last one. Warren Buffet and Jeffrey Immelt and John Corzine will benefit from Obama's re-election. So too will a truckload of fat cats and special interest groups. The rest of us are screwed.

I don't have a civil service pension but if I did and I was voting only for my self interest, I would have voted for Romney. I would have donated to Romney and I would have campaigned for Romney. Whom would you rather managing your finances? Civil servants voted for Obama in overwhelming numbers. Talk about sanction of the victim...

America is on life support and will soon be shrouded. Fortunately, America is a country, not an organism. An organism cannnot rise from the dead. A country can.

But back to the civil servants and their pensions. I do not have much to lose in America's impending demise. I won't get a Social Security check or Medicare but I realized a long time ago that those wells would run dry before I would have my chance to drink. And yet, I went to bat for those pensioners and future pensioners who have the most to lose from fiscal recklessness. Why? Because it is the right thing to do.

Why did I lose sleep worrying about America's insolvency when her payees voted overwhelmingly for Obama? I do seem a bit foolish now. And it is not just Federal pensioners who will get screwed. If I was a retired teacher from a blue state, I would be nervous. Even red state pensioners should tread cautiously. Putting one sixth of the population on food stamps and extending unemployment benefits for two years greatly compromises Uncle Sam's capacity to insure rickety state pensions.

And I will dry my tears for the generation that has given us school shootings, couch potatoes and an unwavering support for Barack Obama. Every demographic makes snide remarks about the next but we have never before seen such mass stupidity. A hippie choking on his vomit seems scholarly by comparison. Jay-Z and Justin! Woo Hoo! This is one long short bus.

Oh, but the Sniper Generation will have its day of reckoning. Everyone knows it but them. Obamacare. Gas prices (subject to availabilty of course.) Inflation and much, much more. It might be fun to watch them burn their "Hope" t-shirts to stay warm and peel off the "2012" bumper stickers to make soup. Yes we can.

Will the Snipes ever shed their dunce caps? I don't hold out a lot of hope for someone who runs up a six figure tab to earn a degree in feminist theory. Should have looked up the word "loan" in the dictionary before you signed all those papers, by golly. One more victim of white paternalism. Barry will lose his luster but there will be another charming teleprompt reader to sweep them off their feet. Jay-Z and Justin! Woo Hoo!

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