Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Item From My Mailbox. Thanks J.

I got an email from an old and dear friend of mine a couple of weeks ago. I deleted our names from the correspondence.

Good to hear from you, ****. Yeah, same zip code and they can't get it to you for a couple of weeks. The post office pissed me off a couple of times over the holidays. But what should I expect from a gov't entity? I only sent out a few Christmas cards this year--I think 5. Just wasn't in the mood, didn't have the spirit, blah blah blah. I'm not feeling too charitable these days. It's primarily the whole socio-political-economic malaise that Oprabama has fostered. I am just like you, totally dispirited and with no desire to stay abreast of most of the news I used to gobble up. I just don't see the point. I still know what's going on, but I'm turning more of a deaf ear to most of it. I am in no way optimistic, and I hate being that way. I blame our entertainment industrial complex, which includes both news and entertainment, for serving up the pablum to the masses. Most of the masses are too stupid, too busy, or too selfish to dig any deeper. I am so down on most in the entertainment complex I don't believe I have watched a movie in several months. I haven't been to a theater in years. I truly hate Hollywood. I blame guys like John Stewart and Letterman, who I used to love. Since he's been going to a therapist he's become just another Oprabama. I blame all the mainstream media outlets. And I blame the pussies in the republican party and congress who allowed a failure to be re-elected and are now allowing him to ride roughshod over them. I always thought he would be re-elected, I just can't believe he was.
I have passed your blog onto a couple of people recently. It really is well-done and well-written. But it would be difficult to maintain at the moment. I commented under the name ***********. I would comment more often, I just can't at the moment. Liked the video about O on the "downlow." I always thought there was something weird about his relationship with the new Jackie O--when they're pictured together (which isn't often) they seem more like mother-son than husband-wife. Now it makes sense--he likes boys.
Hang in there. Maybe there's a new Reagan on the horizon.

To which I replied:

Talking to you is like talking to myself. I can't disagree with anything you say, ****.
Funny what you say about Hollywood. I always took entertainers with a grain of salt but I used to find them entertaining. Now, they are just nauseating. Movie stars of yesteryear were never smug. Not Clint Eastwood or Burt Reynolds or Bruce Lee or really anyone I can think of. Matt Damon is the smuggest cocksucker Planet Earth has ever seen. It's like he is alive just to see how far a human being can go to affect a tone of superiority. And Leonardo and Tom Hanks are almost as sickening but in this era even the B-listers do the "I am better than you" strut. 
Sad thing is, I used to be a movie guy. I would go to the theater at least twice/week and I rented and recorded movies at home. I saw exactly two theater movies last year (one being "2016") amd watched three or four movies at home. I am not going to fund the people who fund Obama.
Remember when being a Letterman fan was a conversation starter? Kind of like being a Deadhead. Letterman was funny because he always exposed people's bullshit. Then the biggest bullshit artist in history arrives on the scene and Letterman swallows his hog. What a fucking pussy!
Remember when Chris Christie said he cried when he saw Springsteen? I admit that I choked back a few tears when I saw Bruce on stage with the Chosen One. What good is artistic insight if you cannot recognize obvious fraud? The Boss does not owe me a thing but I cannot express the sense of betrayal I feel when I see him. I can be forgiving of has-beens but it is harder to forgive a sellout. 
I can't even watch the Celtics anymore. Rondo and Doc Rivers both funded Obama. My lifelong fascination with the game of basketball has concluded. Obama killed it. Too bad the NHL had a lockout. If they restart, I will be a Bruins fan.
A new Reagan? At this point I will settle for a new Carter. Hell, I'll take a new Jim Jones. Oh, we already got one.

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Tea Party at Perrysburg said...

Gosh, we all sound alike. My friends, same deal. I worry that I don't want to sound like those lame-o Leftists who wanted to move countries because Bush won. The frustrating thing is the erosion of civil liberties and I am so ANGRY about the nanny state being imposed on us by the do-gooders with personal chefs and trainers. We can't give up though. We can't give up.