Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Many Faces Of Frank Luntz


Sunday, June 17, 2018

In Defense Of Obama

Look people. We got enough dirt on this guy that we don't have to resort to creative editing.



Saturday, June 16, 2018

That Was The Week That Was


A glorious week!

Delivering peace to the Korean Peninsula is the medical equivalent of an 89 cent cancer cure with free home delivery (Sorry if the pill is bitter.)

Trump's critics can downplay this achievement all they like but none of their darlings will ever match this glorious event.

If you want to continue to smear Donald Trump you must also take that fight to the history books.

If, heaven forbid, the Trump presidency should end abruptly, DJT would be remembered as one of the most profound and significant historical figures America ever produced. Has it really just been 500 days?

Peace for Korea? That was Tuesday. That might be enough for most weeks, most months, most years, most decades but this glorious week was not half over. On the president's birthday, the long-awaited Inspector General report was finally released. To those of you who are discouraged by its contents and those of you who scream, "White wash," fear not.

Yes, the OIG report was whitewashed but fear not. POTUS can release the unredacted version and expose the white washers [RR] in the process. And he will, btw. Meantime, the OIG reveals a boatload of corruption at the FBI.

We should take a moment to honor Inspector General Michael Horowitz, This guy delivered the goods as his arm was being twisted in a million different directions. The already oft-quoted summary that Comey did not show political bias needs some clarification. Comey did not explicitly express political favoritism (unlike several of his idiot subordinates) and Horowitz dutifully reported the absence of expressed bias.

Horowitz stayed in his lane and did his job. He is not a prosecutor. Unlike an Inspector General, a skilled prosecutor can build a case for motive based on a perpetrator's ACTIONS. And yes, Horowitz, et al, have provided the foundation for further legal action.

A glorious week. To all you Trump-haters, please take a timeout to reflect on the good fortunes of the Korean people. Show some joy for the survivors of mass starvation. Share some bliss for the millions who might now see a dentist for the first time in their lives. Show some love for the tens of millions of Asians and Americans who are now much safer from nuclear annihilation. If you have any heart left, any human capacity for joy, any feeling at all that is not venomous, please view the silver lining in your darkened skies.

A glorious week.

Monday, June 11, 2018


World peace is great but how about some traitors swinging from ropes?

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Congratulations Justify: An Omen?

In 2015, American Pharoah won the Triple Crown and went on to win The Breeder's Cup Classic. He retired after winning 9 of 11 races and finishing second in another.

In many ways, American Pharoah (yes this is how the owners chose to spell his name) was appropriately symbolic of Barack Obama's reign of terror. The colt was not named American President or American Hero or American Glory. Fate, as she is wont to do, selected the perfect metaphor once more.

Yesterday, Justify won the Belmont Stakes and completed the third leg of The Triple Crown. Perhaps fate has once more left her fingerprints on the events of the day. Let's hope so.

Something Big?

Let me be more specific: Something Big should be dropping over the next 24 hours. Certain sources are singing loudly. 😸🎵🎶

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For those who doubt the BC17 claim about JA and the 11th Q posted extraction details dec 25th Q said Pain arrives the 11th (-23 from 19th) 11th is an anniversary of MIA and JA at Meltdown Festival JA's last post was Paper Planes This is just SOME of the evidence Space was limited

The 11th will still be a Duet of no small measure. Dont think this rode on the OIG report on Clinton's emails That's a Distraction Largely. You dont understand NK MATTERS JA MATTERS You have to expand your thinking, Fam. No spoilers, the show begins soon🎉 So, TRUST THE PLAN 😸