Saturday, March 25, 2017

James Comey Is A Clinton Surrogate

In the hectic 2016 election, James Comey faded in and out of focus. I have to admit, he has fallen off my radar since November 8.

The FBI Director's behavior is, to be polite, erratic. But why be polite? On Twitter last Fall, I repeatedly called the director a dirty cop. That position has been reinforced over time.

Breitbart did a blockbuster expose on Mr. Corruption last September that I only recently discovered. I apologize for my oversight.

The above link reveals an ongoing, lucrative relationship between the Comeys and the Clintons. I knew about HSBC but what that one encounter could be called incidental. I did not know about Lockheed Martin, Peter Comey or the large chunks of change passed back in forth between the families. We are talking big bucks here, folks.

To compound the suspicion of corruption, it seems that Comey has tried to intimidate the muckrakers at Breitbart.

Russia? Soros? Slim? The Saudis? Wiretapping? All these things need to take a backseat to the investigation of James Comey and his relationship to the Clintons.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

An Immodest Proposal: Trump Rallies At GOP Offices

There is much to be said about the March 20 Congressional hearings starring James Comey. While the Dems used the opportunity to coordinate their partisan talking points, the more numerous GOP members left a lot of questions unasked. Gowdy, Nunes and Stefanik had shining moments but the other Republicans wasted our time.

The Republican Congress seems to have no vigor or urgency to defend Donald Trump from the Washington establishment. I don't give a damn what district they come from, they were not sent to Washington to play footsie with Maxine and Adam. It is time that they either support this administration or face a primary challenge in 2018.

On March 4 of this year, pro-Trump marches were held throughout the country. It confirmed something the opposition does not like to admit. Donald Trump faces little, if any, voter remorse. He is making an effort to do everything he promised. He seems to be gaining popularity for keeping his promises.

While the March 4 events were well-attended, they seem to have missed what should have been their target audience. The rallies should take place outside the offices of GOP Senators and Congressmen. Skip the Dem offices. We will never win with those people. Instead, try to imagine a Saturday where rallies take place outside of 241 Congressional offices and 52 Senate offices. Maybe then, the GOP could reacquaint itself with its base.

This proposal has the added benefit of allowing me to stay in my easy chair and watch the events on TV. I would love to attend such a rally but I have a Dem Congresswoman, two Dem Senators and the nearest GOP rep is hundreds of miles away. That makes this immodest proposal all the more appealing. March forth once again!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Industrious Refugee: 0.3% Employed In Sweden

Only a fraction of the many asylum seekers who came to Sweden last year have got jobs, new figures show.

Only a microscopic part of the 162,000 refugees who last year sought asylum in Sweden have so far got jobs. In fact only 494 of the thousands of asylum seekers in the labor market, writes SVT. This corresponds to 0.3 per cent of all asylum seekers that came last year.

A valid ID is all that is requires, according to the television channel, for a person who has come to Sweden to be able to work while he is waiting to get his asylum application processed.

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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Victor Davis Hanson: The Mythologies Of The 2016 Election

I have heard the name, Victor Davis Hanson, many times but I can't say I know very much about him. He is a conservative intellectual, I got that much. Hanson, unlike his colleagues at "National Review" and the stuffed suits at "WSJ" understands and supports Trump. Not coincidentally, he is also engaging and entertaining.

 Hanson makes about a dozen or so points that this blogger still has in the mental blueprint stage. About a dozen or so blog posts that I don't have to write because Hanson is already on it. We have a blogosphere because the intelligentsia miss and miss badly. If there were more Hansons, political bloggers might turn their attention to sporting events and block chains and forex and life.

 Agriculture has kept Hanson grounded. His understanding of root causes is absent in his fallow academics. In this video, we reap a harvest of sprouting wit and fertile insight.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Something Positive For A Change: A Bird Performing CPR

I saw something similar in my yard about a month ago involving two wild turkeys. Unfortunately, the turkey did not pull through.  Seems that one of the Youtube commentators had a similar experience.


LOL: Malik Obama Posts Barack's Alleged Birth Certificate On Twitter

The usual disclaimers: I for one, never believed that BO was born in Kenya. I believe he was, as he claims, born in Hawaii. But I also believe that he might have lost his US citizenship when he was adopted by a foreign national named Lolo Soetoro. And it transcends belief--it is as factual as factual can be--that Barry/Barack promoted the false narrative that he was born in Kenya and repeated that falsehood for seventeen years via his literary agency, Acton and Dystel.

Forget Trump Tweets: Read Bannon's

For whatever reason, and yes, it has been a swift and busy news cycle, MSM are ignoring Steve Bannon's bold tweets.