Thursday, September 21, 2017

NH Sec. of State Responds to Veritas Video During Voter Fraud Commission

Gregg Jarrett: AG Sessions Has Been Incompetent - Must Do the Right Thin...

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Pennel Bird On The Left's Childish Rage

Trump is in favor of redefining marriage, has a ten-point plan for renewal of the inner city, employs more women than men as executives in his businesses, has been married to two immigrants, and has a Jewish daughter and three Jewish grandchildren.  These would seem to put the lie to claims Trump is racist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, and anti-LGBTQ.  So why, given these many things on which his opponents might agree with the president, are they unmoved to acknowledge common ground?

Intellectual dishonesty is possible.  Sheer hatred is more likely.  Democratic representative Brad Sherman admitted that the animus against the president is so strong in the California legislature, for example, that he would be forced to oppose Mother's Day if Trump supported it.  Trump's win was not only a repudiation of globalism, elitism, and Obamism, but also a devastating rebuke to the core identity of the left.  The rage and denial are, in some ways, easy to understand.

In spite of or because of their outsized antipathy for Trump, this might have been an important moment for the Democratic left to undertake a clear-eyed accounting of why they lost an un-losable election.  Instead of honest forensics on their efforts, the left became a verb and began flame-throwing the administration early and often with an impressively hateful and single-minded campaign.  But a funny thing happened on the way to impeachment: Democrats stopped standing for anything at all, other than pitched loathing and hysteria. 

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

An Immodest Proposal: Let Us Establish A National Holiday To Honor Charles Ponzi

Charles Ponzi is perhaps the most influential economist in history. His financial innovations would shape the policies of everyone from Franklin Roosevelt to Barack Obama and every big city mayor of the past fifty years. The loyal Democrat donor, Bernie Madoff, would devote his life to honing the skills Ponzi contributed to the world. Our Social Security system, as well as our public pensions, owe their existence to Ponzi's unending wisdom.

To be fair, the Republicans have been every bit as loyal to Ponzi's principles even though they sometimes badmouth them in public. Ponzi's broad public appeal would insure that monuments honoring this innovator would never be desecrated. Let it be noted that Carlo The Great's humanitarian accomplishments were limited to the financial realm.


When he was released from jail, Ponzi got involved in yet another criminal venture, smuggling Italian immigrants across the border into the United States. This too landed him in jail—he spent two years behind bars in Atlanta.

Charles Ponzi was Democrat's Democrat whose life would shape public thinking to this very day. Want to see the soul of the Democratic Party? Google Charles Ponzi.  From Mauldin Economics:

The website Pension Tsunami posts scores of articles, written all across America, about pension problems. We find out today that in places like New York and Chicago and Cook County, pension funds have more retirees collecting than workers paying into the fund. There are more retired cops in New York and Chicago than there are working cops. And the numbers of retirees just keep growing. On an individual basis, it is smart for the Chicago police officer to retire as early possible, locking in benefits, go on to another job that offers more retirement benefits, and round out a career by working at least three years at a private job that qualifies the officer for Social Security. Many police and fire pensions are based on the last three years of income; so in the last three years before they retire, these diligent public servants work enormous amounts of overtime, increasing their annual pay and thus their final pension payouts.

This article is worth reading in its entirety:

We all know that there is a pension crisis, yes, a pension tsunami brewing in places like Puerto Rico and Chicago. We know it's bad but we probably do not grasp just how bad the situation really is. We know the crash is looming but we probably think it is later rather than sooner. We might not be able or willing to grasp the complexities of the situation but we can all understand that when pension recipients exceed contributors, when ex-cops exceed working cops, the time has come...Time to pay tribute to Charles Ponzi.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Alpha Male, Beta Male, Flimsy Science, Hierarchy Analysis And Further Abuses Of The English Language

The term, "beta male" is perhaps the most frequently misused term of this era. A beta is not a wimp, a pansy, a loser, an endomorph, an ectomorph, a coward, or a man of low testosterone. Ironically, beta males tend to be the men we most respect for their displays of manhood. They tend to be the picture, the example, the prototype of those things we associate with manliness.

In a hierarchy, and humans are hierarchical animals, there three types: alphas, betas and omegas. The alphas are the leaders who pursue upward mobility. The betas are those who accept and are comfortable in a subordinate position. Omegas are more complicated.

Omegas tend to avoid hierarchy as much as possible but often find themselves in yet another org chart. Things being equal they would probably rather be an alpha than a beta but their lives are an ongoing struggle to escape the herd altogether. Bruce Lee was not a pansy. Nor was Muhammad Ali. They were not prototypical omegas but they were omegas nonetheless.

Alpha males are easy to understand. They have to be the top dog. They would prefer to command a struggling Brand X than to be comfortably fifth in line at Goldman Sachs. The Ivy League was once a haven for alpha males. Recognizing this, the Navy would route a JFK to a PT boat and a John Kerry to a swift boat. Too many alpha males might be trouble on a larger vessel.

Chris Kyle was a prototypical beta male. Had he been an alpha he would probably have attended Annapolis or possibly joined ROTC. He did not feel the need to climb the ladder and he left the Navy as a chief petty officer. Most enlisted personnel are betas. Most Marines and most. if not all, Rangers and SEALS. Beta males.

Most members of street gangs, motorcycle clubs and police departments are betas. Football players and most athletes who play team sports are beta. There are budding alphas or potential alphas or future alphas in all of these organizations but most are betas who are proud and satisfied to be betas. Anyone who works for wages is a frustrated alpha, a frustrated omega or a fairly contented beta.

Hierarchical theory is a fascinating topic well worth further analysis. In the meantime, can we at least try to get our terminology right?