Saturday, June 10, 2017

Does The Peter Principle Best Explain The Career Of James Comey?

James Comey resembles one of those giant inflatable characters in the Macy's Parade. Yes, he might look menacing until we remind ourselves that he is just a bag of helium. He can only harm you if he falls on you and that will only happen if the hired hands stop paying attention to the guidewires and...OOPS! Look out, Attorney Lynch! He is falling in your direction!

The Peter Principle might shed some light on the subject. Director of the FBI is a grown up job. I don't know if the position has ever been handled well but there have been directors who were not as overwhelmed as was James Comey. In Comey, President Obama saw a kindred spirit who also overestimated his own skill set, his own intellect, and his own abilities. Just add time and Laurence J. Peter and Raymond Hull are prophetic once more.

We live in strange times in part because we don't have familiar idioms to guide us. Mythology, folklore, religion, the classics--and ultimately pop culture which usually borrows heavily from these influences--do not have anything like Donald Trump on their shelves. Do you remember a western where the guy from back East arrives in a gold-plated stagecoach wearing a fancy suit and proceeds to kick some cowboy butt so that he can lock horns with the henchmen of Madam Espionage? I can't seem to find that movie on Netflix.

James Comey is indeed a villain but like Donald Trump, he seems to break a few molds. If we were to cast Comey in a popular Hollywood vehicle, how would we do so?

Batman vs. The Leaker?

Batman vs. The Fizzler?

Batman vs. Professor Comeytose?

Batman vs. The Literary Pretender?

Batman vs. Nervous Stomach?

Batman vs. The Book Deal?

Batman vs. The Whiny Bitch?

Batman vs. Dr. Nobody?

Batman vs. Humpty Dumpty?

Batman vs. The Bad Lawyer?

Perhaps we should consider a remake of "Bambi Meets Godzilla" where doe-eyed James Comey is cast in the lead role as Bambi. Godzilla would be played not by Donald Trump or a blathering John McCain or the ever-formidable Susan Collins. No, for the role of Godzilla, we should cast the spirit of The Peter Principle (I hear he is available and will probably not demand residuals.) I can smell the popcorn.


Friday, June 9, 2017

He Broke Me

Why Did The President Fire Comey? How Many Reasons Do You Need?

Was it because Comey is a weasel?

Or is it because he is a snake?

Or is because, in the words of H. A. Goodman, Comey is a fawn?

Apologies to the distinguished members of the animal kingdom for my heartless comparisons. Comey is a leaker. Comey is duplicitous. He may or may not be a perjurer but if he is honest, he is honest in a dishonest kind of way. Comey is a master of lying through omission.

Comey is a dirty cop. Comey is a corrupt cop. Possibly worse, Comey is highly incompetent. Ask the victims of IRS abuse or the survivors of the Boston Marathon about Comey's reign of error.

Impeachable offenses? The only one I can think of is that Trump did not fire Comey on Inauguration Day. I am willing to overlook the president's recovered error. Whatever else might be said about President Trump's legacy, he removed a tumor. Thank you, Mr. President.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

My Account Of The Comey Hearings From The Obstructed View Seats

I know the news media and the Lefties (please excuse the redundancy) were salivating over this morning's Comey hearings. This is what I expected:

1. A surprise or two from James Comey. Whatever else can be said about James Comey, he is full of surprises.

2. Verbal acrobatics from James Comey. This guy is a shyster's shyster. When a distiction can be made between negligence and carelessness, Comey will be on hand to make that distinction.

3. A lame performance from GOP Senators.

4. The Democrats, knowing they have plenty of nothing, would strategically play for the sound bite.

The previous evening I had seen an H. A. Goodman video that stated the Dems would try to use the Comey hearings to snowball an impeachment effort. Goodman is usually on target so I figured he knew of something that could be construed or misconstrued as a bombshell.

I was planning on deliberately sleeping in late so as to miss the festivities but I woke up early with a splitting headache. I got out of bed but never did turn on the TV. I checked my phone from time to time for news alerts. If a bombshell had been ignited, AOL/Huffington Post would be all over it. Nada.

I called The Realtor and he seemed disgusted. According to him, The Dem Senators were aggressive and the GOP Senators were timid. It was a dismal day for all of us. I tried to focus my attention on other matters.

Around 2:15 I left in my Kia and got Fox Business News on the satellite radio. The Trish Regan crew were giddy but I wasn't sure why. They cut into Trump's lawyer making his public statement. Wow! Not what I was expecting. Back to Trish Regan and her happy as schoolgirls panel.

I don't remember what Limbaugh said but he was not depressed over the hearings. I switched over to Jeff Kuhner to sample the mood and he played the theme from "Titanic" in honor of James Comey. Could it have really been that disastrous?

A few minutes with Howie Carr. Understand, Howie can always find humor in the moment. Whether it is a knife fight that erupts at a baby shower or a pit bull mulling, Howie is quick with a chuckle that warms the heart of the listener. Howie seemed much more annoyed than usual. Like me, Howie seems repulsed by James Comey. As if the only good thing we can say about him is that he is finally gone. The mondo radio host who runs a death pool and reads police blotter accounts of bestiality on the air had finally found something that disgusted him. I shared Howie's disgust.

I could not watch that slimy James Comey today. Maybe I will fish for a few highlights on Youtube. I am sure the spinmeisters will salvage something from the loyalty pledge. But maybe, just maybe, James Comey will fade away. Let's hope so.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Abraham Hicks Discusses Donald Trump In 2005

This is strangely prophetic. "Abraham Hicks" uses Donald Trump as an example of someone who creates his own reality by talking it into existence. "The universe continues to yield to him."

Fast Forward to 5:14.


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Piling On CNN

This is before they got caught choreographing a Muslim protest in London.

In case you missed the latest from Counterfeit News Network.

Brace Yourself For Crooked Cop Comey's Testimony

And also prepare yourself for a lame resistance on behalf of Republicans.

James Comey is a damn good lawyer. Crooked as hell but a good lawyer nonetheless. This is the man who made broad distinctions between negligence and carelessness, two Siamese Twin synonyms. We might respect such parsing of words from a Clarence Darrow, but from a public official who is supposedly fair, impartial and unbiased, it presents a strong case for compromise if not corruption. Obstruction of justice certainly occurred during Comey's reign of terror. The question remains as to whether or not Comey's obstruction of justice rises to a level of criminality.

One myth that needs to be forever shattered is James Comey's Boy Scout image. His financial links to the Clintons are well-established.

Report: Comey’s Brother Works for the Law Firm That Handles Clinton Foundation’s Taxes

Ousted FBI Director James Comey’s ties to the Clinton Foundation and the conflicts of interest that lie there are too close to not raise red flags.

In most places, in most eras, this story would stake its claim on Page 1 and stay there until a Goliath of a news item pushed it off the hill. But this particular story reflects negatively on the Clintons, James Comey, Obama, the DNC and ultimately their silent partners in the news media. Oh and by the way, it does not fit the "Putin Stole The Election From Hillary" narrative. Insert no smoking gun but a lot of smoke cliche here.

It doesn't stop with the brother:

How much money did James Comey make from Lockheed Martin in his last year with the company, which he left in 2010? More than $6 million in compensation

Lockheed Martin is a Clinton Foundation donor. The company admitted to becoming a Clinton Global Initiative member in 2010. 

According to records, Lockheed Martin is also a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt, which paid Bill Clinton $250,000 to deliver a speech in 2010

In 2010, Lockheed Martin won 17 approvals for private contracts from the Hillary Clinton State Department. 


From Snopes

The story implied that James Comey’s once having worked for organizations that were donors or had partnered with the Clinton Foundation in some capacity was proof enough that he was biased in favor of Hillary Clinton when his bureau investigated her for her mishandling of sensitive information, and it alleged a conflict of interest due to his brother’s employment in a large law firm that audited the Clinton Foundation. But the evidence offered in support of those charges was nothing more than extremely questionable supposition based on a weak form of guilt by association — all based not on any actual investigation, but on simply collating information deftly “hidden” by the alleged conspirators in online news stories and the Clinton Foundation’s own web site.

Excuse me Snopes, but I thought your specialty was fact-checking, not judgment as to the legitimacy of activities exposed by bare bone facts. There is much more than "guilt by association." To paraphrase Everydem and Everypundit, "there is smoke." In this particular case, there is also fire and a hell of a lot of it. There is a boatload of evidence to suggest a quid pro quo relationship between the Clintons and Comeys was an ongoing event. 

I was glad to see the king of the swamp rats get canned. Now go, Comey! Please, go! Go somewhere and count your money, you dirty cop!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

A Quick Commentary On The Efficacy Of Boycotts

Back in the 80's and 90's I knew a guy I will call Felix. Felix devoted a large part of his life to boycotting products. He subscribed to a boycott newsletter whose name I cannot recall.

Unlike most Leftists, Felix had a good sense of humor. He was a walking stereotype, but he was OK with his sense of self and you could tease him about who he was and what he did and there were no hard feelings. Felix was a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War and he would let you know shortly after meeting him all about the bold stand he had taken against the war machine a long time ago.

Felix enjoyed political activism and fulfilled himself by protesting nuclear power and state budget cuts. When he wasn't protesting, Felix was boycotting.  He did not own a TV set. He boycotted McDonald's because of their styrofoam packaging and General Electric because in addition to light bulbs, GE made weapons. Years later, I would find it ironic that GE, being the parent company of NBC and by extension, MSNBC, would become the Left's biggest megaphone. And Felix boycotted his comrades all those years ago. Irony abounds.

Felix might not have been universally loved or respected but I repeat myself in saying many of his found him likable and amusing. But even Felix's allies thought he was full of something or nother. We recognized what would later be called virtue signalling and his Lefter Than Thou one upmanship. Above all else, we questioned the efficacy of orchestrated boycotts.

Earlier today I posted a list someone compiled of CNN sponsors. We should let the sponsors know how we feel about CNN's overt dishonesty--as well as other news outlets who promote falsity--but I will stop short of calling for any sort of choreographed collective action.

We are not the "please tell me what to believe" Lefties. We judge independently and we judge as sovereign individuals. We don't need some propped up leader telling us to stop eating at Boston Market. And if Geico offers you a better deal than Brand X, far from me to tell you to pay a few hundred more for your auto insurance.

Looking over the CNN sponsor list, I believe Geico is the only company with whom I do business. Does it not matter that they advertise just about everywhere, not just CNN? I am aware of their ties to Warren Buffet and they fired a Geico voice over professional for leaving vicious messages to a Tea party activist almost a decade ago. But I have also gotten emails regarding Progressive scion nogoodnicks and my name is not Felix and I do not have time to weigh a company's moral values to the nth degree.

I do business with Google, Amazon and Apple to name but a few rogues. Jeff Bezos uses "The Washington Post" to advance lies about the Trump Administration. Google is a consistent bad actor, screwing with searches and Youtube exposure to help Obama and his band of thugs. If Sean Hannity can match Amazon for two-day free shipping, I will gladly consider his offer. In the meantime, Bezos is making me offers I cannot refuse.

Spontaneous boycotts seem to work better than megaphone commands. I am not boycotting Fox News but I rarely see it with each succeeding decline at that once great beacon of truth. I am more put off by the inanity and superficiality (The Five, Outnumbered, Greg Gutfeld's 17th show) than I am put off by the parade of Never-Trumpers, Hillary Hacks and Obots. Apparently a lot of other people have exercised their own one-viewer boycotts to make a difference. 2017 would mark the first time this century that Fox News fell from its status as leader in cable news ratings. If they upgrade, I might return. If not, well, I can't say I miss Meghan McCain or yet another return of the oracle named Bob Beckle.

We can also use the NFL and ESPN as examples of the power of spontaneous boycott. When pampered and privileged millionaires contrived some sort of horse shit grievance that compelled them to sit out The National Anthem, viewers left in droves. The exodus could have been nipped in the bud but the NFL bowed down to the PC gods, including the neo-pompous jackasses at ESPN.

We have highlighted elsewhere, the hyper-politics of the Left and their unique ability to ruin things like news, sports, weather and pop culture in all its myriad forms. It was not that long ago that one could catch a weather report without being assaulted with climate disruption propaganda. One could also watch spectator sports for pure, unadulterated escape. Times change and ESPN lectures us on everything from Y-chromosones using women's bathrooms, to "gun violence" to dissing "The Star Spangled Banner" to the unique evil presented by Donald Trump and the vile and stupid people who voted for him (previously referred to as core audience or viewers.)

As of about a month ago, ESPN had announced that it had lost 12 million subscribers. That's subscribers, not viewers. And you can insert here the excuses of Millennials access differently, cross-platform viewing, social media, blah blah blah. ESPN insulted a hell of a lot of people and Disney's bottom line ain't what it used to be.

I might continue with Geico but I have a few months to finalize that decision. For now, I will continue with Amazon but I keep an eye out for Walmart's innovations and the sleeping giant known as Alibaba. I will take notice if anyone pushes Kindle aside.This blog is brought to you by Google as are my hundreds of Youtube videos. I will talk on an Iphone despite the many disagreements I have with Tim Cook.

In summary, I believe that spontaneous boycotts are more powerful than top down boycotts. And if we already ignore CNN, Stephen Colbert and Kathy Griffin, our threats of abandonment don't mean very much. But desperate times do call for desperate measures and maybe it is time that we singled out a few bad actors to vent our frustration. Stay tuned.

CNN Sponsor List

CNN Sponsor List
Posted on 11/7/2008, 8:54:02 PM by Proud2brwAmerican
This thread is in response to a suggested boycott of CNN sponsors. List attached.

TOPICS: PoliticsTV/Movies
KEYWORDS: advertisersboycottcnnsponsors
I saw an earlier thread about boycotting CNN and contacting their sponsors. For what it's worth, I suffered through about 3 hours of Headline News to compile a list of some of their sponsors.I hope this is helpful to anyone wanting to contact their advertisers.
Sorry I don't know how to make the hyperlinks work
CNN Headline News Advertisers
HEC Paris MBA Program Phone Number - France numbers only listed on web site
JK Harris and Company Phone Number - 800-556-9795
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals Phone - 800-236-9933
E-Trade Phone - 800-387-2331
Monex Precious Metals Phone - 800-444-8317
Sprint / Nextel Sprint customers – call 1-888-211-4727 Nextel customers – call 1-800-639-6111
Select Quote Phone 800-777-8300
Wells Fargo Phone 800-869-3557
AARP Phone - 888-687-2277
Philips / Norelco Phone - (212) 850-5000 Scott M. Weisenhoff CEO Philips Electronics North America email
Subaru Phone - 1-800-782-2783
Geico Phone - 800-861-8380
Boston Market Phone - 800-365-7000 Phone 800-843-2446
Liberty Medical Phone 800-970-4831
Live Well Financial Phone – 800-917-1170

American Coalition for Clean Coal Phone – 877-358-6699

University of Phoenix
Partnership for Prescription Assistance Phone - 888-477-2669

Ehealth Insurance Services Phone – 800-977-8860

Dodge Phone - 1-800-853-1403

Hyundai Phone – 800-633-5151

Jos A Banks Clothiers Phone – 800-999-7472 or 800-285-2265

Career Toll Free: (800) 638-4212

Zurich Financial Services Swiss Phone numbers only
Johnson and Johnson Phone – 732-524-0400

US Home Auction Phone – 800-793-6107

Cisco Phone – 800-553-6387 or 408-526-4000

Exxon Mobil Phone – 972-444-1000

Jitterbug Phone – 800-918-8543 
1 posted on 11/7/2008, 8:54:02 PM by Proud2brwAmerican