Monday, August 7, 2017

Trump Prophecies Updated

 This is an update from a June 15 (?) post. Three of the original videos were disappeared from Youtube. I added one more video at the very end.

Not familiar with this neck of the woods, I was unaware that the late John Paul Jackson is a luminary. I thought all the prophets were named Ezekiel or Jeremiah. This guy left a huge Youtube footprint.

What I did not know when I started this search is that Mark Taylor is an industry unto himself. Actually, I don't know if he is capitalizing on his prophetic vision but he is certainly a Youtube superstar. If this whets your appetite, there is plenty more Mark Taylor out there.

Paul Begley's cloeseted dream buddy.

The nexis of numerology and evangelicism. On inauguration day, DJT was 70 years, 7 months, and 7 days. Dig it!

Simpsons Summary. I have not watched this once great show in about 20 years. I leave it to this auto voice to explain.

Kim Clement. This will be eerie if Bill Gates comes aboard.

Meanwhile, Soothsaying shills shun sanguinity (by the seashore)

Added in Update: This guy rambles a bit but he is a prophet, nonetheless.

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