Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Let The Primaries Begin!

We are the Coalition of The Nebulous. We are populist but we are not just populist. We are nationalistic but not in the Neocon sense of the term. We are internationally focused in that we are sympathetic to Brexit-style movements. We are rabidly anti-authoritarian but we respect legitimate authority. We have conservative preferences but we seem to be at odds with the professional Conservatives like Jeff Flake and William Kristol and Glenn Beck and George Will. We are at war with the GOP.

We like Donald Trump but we are bigger than any one person. We are not a cult of personality. Prominent in our movement are people who have never voted and old-timers who stopped voting a long time ago. Whatever other label we might reject or at least insist on modifiers, we can claim grass root status: spontaneous, sincere, disorganized and under-funded.

We are an Anti-Left movement. The mindless-goosestepping-Heil Obama-2-4-6-8-America-was-never great-voter fraud-domestic-spying-prosperity killing-Democrats rightfully frighten us. In our justified fear, we supported Republicans. The GOP stabbed us in the back. It seems that just about every Republican office holder exercises more loyalty for his Democrat counterpart than for the people who elected him.

The Trump movement was in part, a hostile takeover of the Republican Party. Unfortunately, it did not go far enough. The Senate is herd of RINO. Too many Murkowskis and McCains and Tillisses and Collins and...Can anyone disagree that they are the biggest obstacle to draining the swamp, to righting wrongs and to reduce taxes and even to Obamacare repeal? These people are not our allies.

Which brings us to the 2018 Senate races. The GOP could capture a super majority but what good would that be if they are all Burrs and Alexanders? We can work hard to send Jeff Flake and Bob Corker back to Washington or we can send someone better than these Arnolds Benedict.

There are nine GOP Senate seats up for grabs in 2018. I don't have strong opinions on six of them but Flake, Heller and Corker need to be primaried. Let us not repeat the mistake we made with Lindsey Graham last time out and run a half dozen or so superior candidates who would divide up the opposition and allow the turncoat to capture a majority and thus avoid a run-off. We need to identify a valid candidate ahead of the primaries and start the funding sooner rather than later. That is where organization comes in.

Yes, we are grass roots and we are visceral and we are anti-establishment but we also have to be unified. If we are to take this movement to its next stage, we have to be a bit more conventional. Yes, Trump won the presidency without a ground game, with zero media support and half the war chest of his opponent but he is one of a kind. Don't try this at home, kids. If we want to win, we have to organize.

Let The Primaries Begin!

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