Friday, August 11, 2017

Can Someone Tell Mueller And Rosenstein That No One Believes In A Russian Hacking Fable?

This article quotes Seymour Hersh and I usually like to find the original source but this time that source seems to have been disappeared. I have seen elsewhere that Hersh has denounced the Russian hacking pack of lies.

His Russian fable — which was itself a product of his collusion with foreigners from Estonia to England — fed off his disdain for Russia’s turn to Christianity and America’s turn away from Islam. For Brennan, any stick would do, and he found one in a bag of bogus intelligence supplied to him by Kim Philby types from Britain, socialists in Scandinavia and Germany, and Putin haters from the Baltics.
While running this operation of political espionage, he was auditioning for a job under Hillary and turning CIA headquarters into a branch office of her campaign.
In this hothouse atmosphere of pro-Hillary partisanship, any and all contacts between the Trump campaign and anyone even remotely connected to Russia became occasions for “unmaskings.”
Instead of exposing this blatant political espionage, the media became a conduit for it. Hersh notes that the New York Times was in effect under the editorship of John Brennan last year. He could plant any smear he wanted against Trump on its front page.
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