Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Russiagate Is Now Officially The World's Stupidest Conspiracy

It's Official! The sanctioning body of Stupid Conspiracy Theories in conjunction with the Post Obotomy Syndrome Board Of Directors in accordance with Akashic Broken Records has decreed that the "PUTIN STOLE THE ELECTION FROM HILLARY BECAUSE DONALD TRUMP HAS COOTIES" narrative is the stupidest conspiracy theory in the history of Planet Earth.

The incoherent Russian Hacking jibberish surpasses Flat Earthism, Fake Moon Landing and the unsinkable 9/11 Inside Job as the silliest pile of nothingness ever assembled. Unlike the other spaghetti logic memes, Russian Hacking has been promoted by most media outlets, as well as the US Senate and the US Department of Justice. Never before have we seen the inventing, the embracing and the promotion of unfounded claims by institutions once held in high regard by most of the public.

Never has America witnessed the widespread promotion of deliberate stupidity by the highest echelons of society. NEVER!!! The fringe has grown respectable and the respectable proudly display their dunce caps. Overt idiocy is now a badge of social status.

Some of my best friends are 9/11 Truthers and I disagree with their viewpoint but I have respect for them. On the other hand, none of us should ever respect the "No fire but lots of smoke" morons who obstruct government and pollute our airways. I agree with Lionel. The Truthers are owed an apology.

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