Sunday, July 2, 2017

Has Even One Trump Supporter Jumped Ship Because Of The President's Theatrics?

Not only is Donald Trump a politician who keeps his promises, he is laugh out loud funny. As both these pundits point out, we love it when the president acts unpresidential in the traditional sense of the term. As if a phony ass shill robotically reading a teleprompter pausing on cue to bite his lip is presidential. As if W's human doormat imitation was presidential. As if Bill Clinton concerned himself about the dignity of the office.

You can have all the chronically-wrong pollsters in the world tout Trump's plummeting approval numbers in much the same way they spread his pre-election doom. For me, these two commentators are much more representative of Trump Nation than anything the Nate Silvers and Frank Luntzs might pull out of their asses.

Viva La Trump!

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