Thursday, July 20, 2017

Dear Mr. President: Fire Them All!

So Mueller and his band of Clintonistas are snooping through your family and associates' private affairs? Fire them and Rosenstein too. Pronto.

So your hand-picked idiot, Jeff Sessions got bullied into recusing himself from all things Clinton and anything Russian while allowing Mueller to run interference for his sweetheart, James Comey? And none of the Clinton donors have recused themselves (as if they should have ever been considered for the Mueller Commission in the first place.)? He can still kick off an investigation of domestic spying during the Obama Administration. He could reopen the IRS/Koskinen/Lerner/destroyed hard drive investigation. He could shut down sanctuary cities. He could prosecute voter fraud. I have a laundry list if Sessions is interested.

If Sessions can't do any of those things, he needs to hear your tagline. "Sessions, you're fired."

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