Sunday, July 30, 2017

Can We All Agree That We Are In A Second American Civil War?

I do fall into rabbit holes from time to time. Take the Trump Prophecies, for instance. I was not aware of the many Christians who predicted a Trump Presidency years ago. That subject is still intriguing.

On a related note, dreams about Donald Trump--usually shared by fundamentalist Christians--is a topic that is much more popular than I had suspected. I spent a lot of time on that subject before I walked away concluding that this set of dreams is as idiosyncratic as any other dream. Lots to see but nothing to put in a a jar and save for posterity.

Which brings us to the Second American Civil War. I thought I was in front of the curve on this one. I found some loose ends here and there and I bookmarked text and video. And then, I found it. Someone went and compiled a 51 video Youtube playlist concerning The Second American Civil War. The blogger is a laggard once more.

The playlist starts with Newt Gingrich reading Dennis Prager and goes in all different directions. Heavyweights like Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh are included as well as lesser known figures. I had seen about a third of the vids prior to stumbling onto the playlist. I will be returning to that rabbit hole soon.

Playlist link.

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