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54 Observations On The Left, Leftists And Leftism By James Joseph and Guillermo Strauss

Excerpts from the seminal work, "The Cult of Leftism Versus The Not-Left Coalition" by James Joseph and Guillermo Strauss.

The following quotes are from  "The Cult of Leftism Versus The Not-Left Coalition" by James Joseph and Guillermo Strauss.

1 . Given that our exuberance sometimes compromises our organizational skills and that we are both ramblers, at least in the communicative sense of the term, it is imperative that we state our objectives. First and foremost, we will define Leftism and illustrate how it differs from Not-Left resistance.
We will emphasize and re-emphasize and emphasize even more because it can never be underemphasized that Leftism is blatantly fundamentalistic in its scope and implementation.
Leftists are drawn to their cult by their need to feel superior.
For Leftists, it is always about style.
We hope to educate the Not-Left as to what they probably do not understand about The Left.
We want to sound a warning about the dire consequences of Leftist acceptance.

2. Leftism can be defined in two words: Authoritarian Elitism.

3. There is no such thing a right wing, at least not in the same sense as there is a Left Wing. The Left is a mob, a flock, a colony, a herd. It is a collective organism. The Not-Left is a philosophically diverse coalition unified by a legitimate fear of totalitarianism.

4.The difference between the Left and the Not-Left Coalition is, to reference Lazarus Long, the difference between philosophy and religion. The Not-Left starts with the question and utilizes--as well as its members are capable--the philosophical method to derive at a conclusion. The Left, on the other hand, formulates their beliefs like a religion, starting with the answer and using questions to solidify their position.

5.  The Left should best be thought of as a giant flock of sheepish sheep with rabid briards and trigger-happy shepherds. The herdsmen sermonize their pliant lambs to believe without pause that all other animals--the birds in the sky, the worms in the ground, the fish in the brook and the deer in the forest--belong to an evil Right Wing whose leaders are interminably mean and downright stupid.
Guillermo Strauss, "The Cult of Leftism Versus The Not-Left Coalition"

6. The Left is like the Catholic Church at its Torquemadaest and they cannot help but torture heretics. They are opposed by denominations of protestants who cannot agree on style, structure or doctrine but who coalesce around their resistance to tyranny.
James Joseph, "The Cult of Leftism Versus The Not-Left Coalition"

7. The news media serve as a collective papacy for The Left.

8. The hardest thing for The Left to understand--to the extent that they care to understand--about the Not-Left is that like protestants, the Not-Left have no papacy to spoon feed their beliefs. No claims to infallibility,no Index Liborum Prohibitorum, no heresy, no inquisition and no excommunication. Leftists cannot and will not accept the far fetched notion their political rivals can independently arrive at the same conclusion without guidance from an exalted leader.

9. Never call a liberal a Leftist and vice versa. Leftism is the antithesis of liberalism (and vice versa).

10. Leftism is like every other ism only more so.

11. Populism, secularism, nationalism...Mix any ism with Leftism and it becomes Leftism. Nothing more. Nothing less.

12 Leftists have a talent for infiltrating and ultimately corrupting institutions. Art, science, law religion, commerce, education, and entertainment have been eroded and degraded and often ruined by Leftist influence.

13. Someone wiser than us defined a fundamentalist as someone who uses The Bible to prove the legitimacy of The Bible.

14. Fundamentalists generally see their viewpoint as self-evident and are contemptuous of those who are unable to grasp the obvious.

15. Is there such thing as a dominant meme? When a person holds two belief systems, the more fundamentalist perspective will trump the less rigid ideology.
So if a Leftist is a Roman Catholic, he is a Leftist first and a Catholic second.
If a Leftist is an Evangelical, he is a Leftist first and an Evangelical second.
If a Leftist is a Mormon, he is a Leftist first and a Mormon second.
If a Leftist is a Muslim, he is a Leftist first and a Muslim second.

16. Is Leftism a religion? No, it is a political cult. Being fundamentalist in focus, it shares characteristics with authoritarian religions, but it is--to its core--a political cult.

17. The reason why most people do not associate Leftism with fundamentalism is the sheer volume of authoritarian elitists. If half your family and most of your classmates are Lefties, you will probably view them differently from the guy who devotes his life to planting Bibles in hotel dressers. But there are more similarities than differences between the religiously fundamentalists and the political fundamentalists and we can never lose sight of this parallel.

18. Leftists are more dangerous than religious zealots because the latter know they are fundamentalists. The Sinisterics see themselves as normal, enlightened people who possess the sophistication to recognize the right leaders and to follow them without question. How can the illuminated be dim?

19. There is flexibility in a Leftists' rigidity. If their leaders reverse their position on a given subject, the faithful Sinsisteria will reverse their opinions in tandem.

20. To be human is to hate but most of us apply safety features to our dark passions. Fundamentalism removes the guard rail of reason and the speed bump of doubt. Hence. Leftists' capacity for hate far exceeds rational people's capacity to hate.

21. Beware Counter-Leftists. There is a vast difference between a Conservative and a conservative. The Conservative might want to replace lesbian bureaucrats with Christian bureaucrats but his core value is authoritarian elitism packaged in a halo. He is a Leftist through and through.

22. The Left versus Right spectrum was invented by Lefties and they retain the seating arrangements. Bad actors were often exiled to The Right even when they were prototypically Leftist to the core. The National Socialist German Workers' Party might not be the poster child of The Left, but it is the blueprint.

23. Lefties only value truth when truth is in their favor.

24. The Not-Left want to win the debate. The Left want to kill the debate.

25. The Not-Left want to win the argument. The Left want to win the war.

26. Leftist are post-factual (unless facts are in their favor,) post-rational (unless reason is in their favor,) and anti-intellectual (except when they parrot intellectuals sanctioned by their leaders.)

27. The Not-Left root for principles. The Left roots for proper nouns.

28. Leftists view people who formulate their own opinions in much the same way a suburban sultan looks at the neighbor who chooses to cut his own lawn.

29. As the Sinisteric see it, there is nothing wrong with programmed delusion so long as the right people are doing the programming.

30. In return for surrendering his critical judgment, the loyal leftist is assigned sanctioned beliefs that are guaranteed to be morally, socially, aesthetically and intellectually superior to those formed independently.

31. Ultimately it is all about style. The Leftist is assigned beliefs that are stylistically superior to the tenets of the Not-Left.

 32. With or without the influence of Alinsky, the verbiage of the Left will be mostly ridicule, name-calling, insults and personal attacks.

33. Are there any happy Leftists? None that I have met but then again I have not met Castro or Hitler or Stalin or Mao. I have only met their less successful imitators.

34. Possibly the stupidest statement ever uttered: Hitler had some good ideas but he went too far. If we credit Der Feuhrer with the Autobahn he had a grand total of one good thought. Hitler was a study in bad ideas taken too far by mindless followers.

35. Places with histories of royalty are fertile ground for Leftism. One form of authoritarian elitism is replaced by a newer, shinier form of authoritarian elitism.

36. The one slight disagreement I (James Joseph) would have with Eric Hoffer is that true believers do not jump haphazardly from mass movement to mass movement. True believers are leftists who convert from one tribe of authoritarian elitism to another tribe of authoritarian elitism. True believers yes, but Leftists first and foremost.

37. Leftists  are repulsed by disagreement and that presents a vulnerability. The Achilles Heel of the Left is that they cannot and will not understand their political rivals. If they did, they would not be Leftists.

38. The Not-Left can tell Leftists much about their political rivals including how to appeal to them and often, how to defeat them. Of course, Leftists only listen to other Leftists. To do otherwise would compromise their sense of superiority.

39: Cradle Leftists learn of their superiority at their mother's knee and spend their lives refining their smug.

40. Most Leftists are baptized in late adolescence (which is why it is so crucial for The Left to control academia). The convert is suddenly struck by an ineffable enlightenment, the certitude that he is morally, intellectually, socially and aesthetically superior to the common man. He will never be able to articulate the hows and whys of his superiority but then again,  he will feel no need to do so. For the rest of his life, The Leftist will seek and share the company of those whose superiority is also self-evident.

41. Leftism never loses sight of style and its unending importance. A grown person void of a philosophical foundation can instantly affect a tone of moral, intellectual, social and aesthetic superiority by pronouncing to the world: "I am a Democrat."

42. Elitism of merit would describe capitalism, the military and sporting events. Elitism of affect describes The Left.

43. American Leftists may or may not have secret handshakes but they do have rigid speech codes that serve the same function.

44. Not-Leftists want to improve health care, Leftists just want to control the industry.

45.  Not-Leftists want to improve education, Leftists just want to control the schools.

46.  Not-Leftists want to improvise better models of commerce, Leftists just want to control commerce.

47. In fairness to The Left, they see their controlling an institution as necessarily and automatically improving an institution.

48. In America, the only hell holes are those places controlled by Leftists. We suspect that is true the world over.

49. Leftists frequently turn away from religion because church pews tend to fill up with common folk.

50. Leftism is not a way of thinking, it is a way of not thinking.

51. Leftism is not a worldview, it is a way of ignoring the world.

52. Is Leftism a lifestyle? Style, yes. Life, much less so.

53. Does Leftism have utility? Anything that exists has some utility. Spared from the burden of forming values and opinions and perspectives, Leftists are free to endeavor at leisure activities. Leftists tend to be good at leisure time pursuits and thus, they dominate the entertainment industry.

54.  Do Lefties ever make things better? For insiders, yes. For outsiders, no.

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