Thursday, June 15, 2017

Y'all Ready For Some Prophecy?

I will pass these on with minimal commentary, at least for now.

Not familiar with this neck of the woods, I was unaware that the late John Paul Jackson is a luminary. I thought all the prophets were named Ezekiel or Jeremiah. This guy left a huge Youtube footprint.

What I did not know when I started this search is that Mark Taylor is an industry unto himself. Actually, I don't know if he is capitalizing on his prophetic vision but he is certainly a Youtube superstar. If this whets your appetite, there is plenty more Mark Taylor out there.

Paul Begley's cloeseted dream buddy.

Do prophets have a union?

The nexis of numerology and evangelicism. On inauguration day, DJT was 70 years, 7 months, and 7 days. Dig it!

Double dose of Seven Spirits International. These guys ramble a bit and they are long-winded but they do deliver on the prophecy.

Simpsons Summary. I have not watched this once great show in about 20 years. I leave it to this auto voice to explain.

Kim Clement. This will be eerie if Bill Gates comes aboard.

Meanwhile, Soothsaying shills shun sanguinity (by the seashore)

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